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(1.04 MB 1240x1753 carpal-tunnel-infographic.jpg)
Anon 09/05/2022 (Mon) 22:51:43 ID:41dee1 No. 2144 [Reply]
The area b/w my thumb and palm of my left hand hurts whenever i rest my body weight over my elbow when i sit on a table-chair Do i have pic rel. ?
(2.95 MB 854x448 hippo vs indian.webm)
>>2144 go to doctor yaar
>>2145 which doctor should i go to? a general physician?
>>2144 Improve posture and do stretches, varna you won't even be able to hold your pp for cooming. Visit orthopedist and if they confirm even slightest of symptoms, ask for wrist splint.
>>2150 got it i will go tomorrow
>>2152 thank you very much btw

(656.02 KB 3000x4000 IMG_20220904_160705.jpg)
Just keeping you niggas updated Anon 09/04/2022 (Sun) 10:54:57 ID:c03ca3 No. 2126 [Reply]
>>2126 Cheaper ways to do this ?
>>2126 Explain like I'm 5
I have been working on something like this for more than a year (cheaper and without personalisation) will create a presentation and send him/his vc find an email. Jai shree ram
(112.69 KB 1511x596 supp.jpg)
>>2126 Pure autism

(7.47 KB 208x94 IMG_20220826_100932.jpg)
Anon 08/26/2022 (Fri) 12:46:54 ID:6d8c17 No. 2011 [Reply]
Is this considered broad shoulders?
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>>2093 Exercise and diet Do pushups n shit
>>2092 How do non broad shoulders look like?
(7.14 KB 178x282 download.jpg)
>>2095 Picrel
>>2097 Chamar diel he is holding weight and thats why it looks like this
(124.23 KB 720x960 1gD1ynS.jpg)
>>2106 Cope

(26.13 KB 513x509 images (6).jpeg)
Anon 09/02/2022 (Fri) 06:22:44 ID:9eb9b5 No. 2099 [Reply]
My ears are clogged even after cleaning them. Should I consult a doctor or wait for a day to see if my ear opens
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>>2099 Stop using Earphones for 1-2 days it will get normal.
>>2099 Consult a Doctor Retard, also stop using headphones, Headphones are for faggots. be a man and use 5.1 surround home theater
Sorry. Janny please move this thread to yoga
>>2103 Wait a day, I've had a ear clogged for 1.5 days before and it disappeared perfectly fine on its own
>>2104 So I put mustard oil in ears two times in a day and just cleared them with cotton buds. A lot of earwax came out and now it's good

(6.02 KB 480x299 images (3).jpeg)
Anon 08/14/2022 (Sun) 04:29:57 ID:440d4d No. 1859 [Reply]
Mujhe >Deadhang (picrel) Krna hai , par mere pas koi hanging bar nahi hai na hi or koi jagah jaha latak saku, iska substitute bta do yaar
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>>1860 Usme sadiya nhi dala yaar dar lagta
>>1862 Sariya*
>>1861 Will this damage walls? How does this mechanism even work?
>>2056 Booomp

Hairloss Anon 08/29/2022 (Mon) 10:57:34 ID:649006 No. 2074 [Reply]
What are the ways to prevent and avoid hair loss?
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>>2084 Teri maa ka rape karta hu phir video daal dunga
>>2086 Itni milf fantasy hai to apni nani ya dadi ke paas ja bhai.
>>2074 Kitni pyari h ye 😳🥺
>>2088 you know It's over when you realise you can't have that
>>2074 I am almost 19. My hair line and hair growth is totally okay but my hair is thin. should i expect hairloss?

(146.38 KB 851x1107 IMG_20220826_201536_977.jpg)
Anon 08/26/2022 (Fri) 14:48:03 ID:d12215 No. 2024 [Reply]
I'm 19 years old now my weight is 45kg and height is 5.7 how to increase my weight yaar everyone mocks me yaar .it feels so bad.
>>2024 I was like that too ngl. Tbvh, I had same weight as you. I did exercises daily but didn't gained my weight. A good guy from gym suggested me to take creatine for some time and once you achieve the target weight, you should slowly stop consuming it. I took 2kg in 2 months I guess(not accurately sure) and I gained my weight from 45kg to 57kg. I stopped taking it and my weight got lil bit low like rn it's 52kg or 53. Also drink a lot of water if you take creatine and I prefer taking it with raw milk(unpasteurized). PS: Eat a lot of food(majorly healthy).
>>2046 Thanks yaara
>>2024 Eat moaaaarrrrr in regular intervals, don't stuff yourself at once.
>>2057 Like snacks
(216.25 KB 1600x2160 wojak-skinny.jpg)
>>2024 >this is the average jeebhangi that tells you 'it's over if you're not a 9/10'

(74.41 KB 986x1024 1661565616014867.jpg)
Protein shake Anon 08/28/2022 (Sun) 04:39:01 ID:29b8d6 No. 2059 [Reply]
Sup yogabros. Can someone recommend me an easy protein shake recipe (around 300-400cals) which includes whey? Bonus points if it doesn't include peanut butter. (already have it everyday) My bulk has been stalling for a while and my appetite is fucked.
>>2059 Bhai Add oats, dried fruits and bananas to the recipe. Also full cream milk, easy 400 cals I'd say.
>>2059 Well not a shake but I mix up protein 1 scoop, 50gm oats, 50gm cornflakes and 300ml Milk in a bowl shit looks greasy but tasty af and gives me around 600-700 calories and takes like 1-2 min to make
>>2071 make sure protein is chocolate flavored
>>2060 Mein yeh college mein le jaane ki soch raha hoon and the shake will be in my bag for a few hours. Doodh bigad toh nahi jayega nah? I am thinking of buying soy milk/almond milk just for this but not sure how it'll taste with whey. >>2071 Even I eat oats and milk with peanut butter every single day. Around 500cals. But it's not enough for me now.

(1.66 KB 169x144 download.jpeg)
How to get rid of pinworms Anon 08/28/2022 (Sun) 11:34:25 ID:76689a No. 2061 [Reply]
I have these recurring worms since i was a kid take albendazole every month and have a peaceful butt for a month but they come back every now and then how do i get rid of them, properly? Before latching on me like im a unhygenic subhuman note that i live in a third world shithole like rest of you.
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>>2064 choke them between ur butcheeks
>>2061 I had this when I was a child. I think I got rid of it after the Bihar government deworming program distributed those pills to all school kids. thank Nitish Ji, that disease was nasty. I would get like 7-8 pinworms on my finger when I put in my ass—it would itch and I would put in finger in my ass after shitting and lo and behold! 10 pinworms!
>>2067 oh btw, this program was apparently studied by and perhaps contributed to(?) by Givewell, the effective altruist program many rationalists support. so the EA community literally had a impact on me, a random diseased kid in Bihar. that's why I have a deep respect for utilitarianism and effective altruism and rationalism etc.
(14.71 KB 180x179 8vcjaab2erf61 (1).png)
>>2061 You gotta do it, you know what I am talking about?
>>2061 Keede maarne wali dawa kha

(28.34 KB 554x554 images (12).jpeg)
Vaccine Detoxification thread Anon 08/26/2022 (Fri) 16:30:50 ID:e86b7f No. 2025 [Reply]
https://archive.is/mRDvt Here's a thread about how to detoxify yourself from vaccine. Start detoxifying yourselves as early you can because the chemicals are going to kill you if you don't
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>>2025 I'll take the booster dose soon and you can't do shit brianlet. You're writing this thread because you got vaxxed too when kid
>>2047 kalej won't check the database. You could have just made a fake copy which looks real.
>>2050 double dose is mandatory for international travel certificate. they check cowin Db for that, so sooner or later i had to take it. funny thing is i caught the chink virus at kalej a month or two after the second dose.
>>2051 I see. During that entire pandemic, I never got infected from anything not even mild cold or cough. My entire family was infected once, twice or some even thrice except me who wasn't infected even a single time. Though it was a panic time. Even my friends(except some) got infected. I literally flexed on that and felt kingly.
>>2054 And idk why the flag changed. I'm not using any vpn or anything.