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Anon 08/07/2022 (Sun) 21:13:14 ID:4b069f No. 1760 [Reply]
Just started bacopa moneri powder awith milk after dinner. I take one big spoon and mix it with milk and sugar. After a few minutes i start endlessly farting. What am I doing wrong?
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>>1764 lund
>>1760 Ese random bhangi powders khana band kar, stick to known and proper supplements like Tongkat Ali, Ashwagandha etc.
>>1767 >Tongkat Ali Kek, more like uncut ali
Mujhe brahmi powder khaane par diarrhoea hojata hai, kitna quantity me khaana chahiye?

(116.62 KB 220x220 pepe-why-pepe-the-frog.gif)
Anon 08/14/2022 (Sun) 08:32:09 ID:f9308e No. 1864 [Reply]
How to grow penis size? Turns out i am a dicklet by indian standards too
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>Dicklet Over yaar. Even manlets can redeem something but it's unironically over for dicklets
>>1864 Deadlift mara ker vroo penis ke saath 2 mahine me 4ft badhega
>>1874 Bhai main faltue mein kisi ke muh lagta nahi oar iss website ka sabse ,annoying , inferiority complex filled narcissist chutiya too hai Kisi ko tujhse matlab nahi hain ,har jagah chutiyo wali harkat Roz apne gym ki kahani ,teri so called dates ke adventures batana or bohut saare chutiyaap Fir log gaali dete hwin to bolta hai ,why everyone hates me
>>1871 >Uske liye , ek garam se garam paani mein pehle 4 minute apne pee pee ko warm kar fir exercise kar ye kya chuthiyapa hai yaar
>>1875 >Brainlet doesn't understand sarcasm NGMI

(21.58 KB 629x487 images (1).png)
riddle me this yaaro yogiboi 07/29/2022 (Fri) 04:21:26 ID:00bd20 No. 1612 [Reply]
Should I work out or not if I know I don't have enough protein to consume for the day? I read it drains you and causes adverse effects if you work out and don't consume enough protein, like muscle loss. Opinion?
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>>1675 Post lifts and body
>>1676 Lifts are 100kg bench 130kg Squat 180kg Deadlift yaar body posting mein sheesha chahiye poorfag hu gym jaakein kheechta
>>1677 >all your lifts are exactly 2/3/4 except squat >not even rounded up
>>1678 yaar around hai bench is 90x5 estimated 102kg squat 115x5 reps and deadlift is 180kg I dont max out on squat so I put it in estimated 1 rep max calculator but I lifted 100kg for 1 rep on bench few weeks ago after which I left gym now numbers will go down need to do start again
>>1679 Post body or gtfo

(53.47 KB 560x560 moong_dal_5.jpg)
Is this enough protein for lunch? Anon 08/13/2022 (Sat) 07:02:28 ID:0cf72e No. 1840 [Reply]
Eating full 200 gram moong dal namkeen packet for lunch This is good for health right?
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>>1853 >vegetable oil >cancer go back to 4chan bhangi chamar
>>1854 Not an argument BTW
>>1855 Only oils with less omega 6 are good - coconut oil, ghee, mustard oil etc.
>>1840 Ye fried hai. Isse achha roasted peanuts aur chane kha.

(15.52 KB 573x535 images.jpeg)
Anon 08/11/2022 (Thu) 15:01:22 ID:527363 No. 1823 [Reply]
Omad se 7-8 kgs weight loss mein kitna time lagega? I'm already doing two meals with 30 mins cardio 5-6 days. Height is 173cm . Current weight is 69.2 kg. Mereko twinkmaxx karna hai
>>1823 Bump yaar koi tho bolo
>>1823 tum log mote kaise ho jate ho? Kafi time lgega. Bad krte jao , krte jao
>>1823 If you are serious about twinkmaxxing, 7-8 kg won't do anything. You'll have to get down to 55kgs at your height.

(24.92 KB 554x554 images.jpeg)
Mewing. Anon 08/11/2022 (Thu) 14:09:47 ID:45c53e No. 1819 [Reply]
Yaaro give me mewing tips and tricks. Also tell me a chewing gum brand available in india that will help me with chewing and mewing.
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>>1819 Mewing is a meme. Your jaw structure won't change after attaining puberty.
>>1822 16 (mazak udao chaho toh)
Banned (2y) for being underage
>>1826 Idk man, gimme some tips. Mewing vids seem legit and the comments claim likewise. I'm halfway through my puberty, so suggest what I should do, thanks
>>1830 Mewing fundamentals, Chewing, shallowing wali vids ache se dekh and follow kar (mostly genetics ka khel ha idhar) . Paise hai tho orthodontists ke pass ja.
>>1830 Underage

(80.07 KB 867x353 images.jpeg)
/heightmaxxing/ Anon 08/11/2022 (Thu) 12:52:51 ID:35767b No. 1827 [Reply]
What should be ideal leg to body ratio for men?
You dont get to choose.

(22.97 KB 633x484 images (15).jpeg)
Anon 08/08/2022 (Mon) 07:35:31 ID:8673b7 No. 1749 [Reply]
Suggest me some skin care stuff so i can make the best version out of my skin
>>1749 exfoliate once a week with coffee scrub around 200 rs on amazon wash daily with 1 or 2 % salicylic acid face wash always use mositurizer be it summer or winter do not fap
>>1749 get your blood check up. eat dryfruits , meat , vegetables and citrus fruits. drink water , green tea , milk exercise get a moisturizing facewash , once a day thats it.
>>1750 >>1753 In sab se acne marks nahi jaayenge na chodon, how will op get best version like this?

(981.48 KB 1128x1504 1659919832343122.jpg)
Anon 08/08/2022 (Mon) 13:10:55 ID:12ca58 No. 1754 [Reply]
My body looks like this. I'm embarrassed because of my thin legs. I have tried squatting and bulking but nothing works. I only get a fat around stomach. help.
>>1754 That's a healthy body type if you are young. Always wear full sleeves and full pants and try to keep your collars up if you have a long neck.
>>1755 Assuming you are atleast 180cm otherwise ngmi
>>1756 183 >long neck :( everything is long eccept penis. I also feel disbalanced when sprinting.
>>1754 Gym jaa aur start lifting weights, focus on Bench Squat and Deadlift and eat at a surplus.

(369.21 KB 720x1520 Screenshot_20220804_220052.jpg)
(3.42 MB 5000x3746 mh0418-fit-pul-01-1558551798.jpg)
Wanna break Guinness world book record White OBChad 08/04/2022 (Thu) 16:36:54 ID:284a5d No. 1719 [Reply]
Yaaro a serious thread and pls guide me. I wanna break world record in pull ups and I am dead serious about this right now I can do only 10 pull ups at a time since I never tried it before plus it will help me in increase my height, from tomorrow I will start my journey so what should I do and what not guide me pyaare anons. https://youtu.be/eQesLS4iAu4
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>>1731 Who said I am some pro national level athlete retard I am still a noob can only do 20 pull ups right now without any practice and loser faggots like you will always be a hurdle in a chads journey so you NGMI.
(2.48 MB 4096x2304 MPMD-Cover-Photo.jpg)
(264.07 KB 1024x700 infographic-male-body-types.jpg)
>>1729 Yes actually I am targeting to reduce my weight to atleast 65 kgs because my body shape is athletic type(inverted triangle) I need to work on my delts area too since they are strongest part in my body wanna build up them like Derek's(picrel).
>>1733 I can bet you my fucking life you are half repping. Getting to 20 proper pull ups in a row takes years. Plus you being an MPMD fan and wanting his delts lmao solidifies my statement.
>>1745 >I can bet you my fucking life you are half repping. Getting to 20 proper pull ups in a row takes years. Says a loser incel who jerks off to Japanese cartoon photos 5 times a day and never went to gym his whole life. >Plus you being an MPMD fan and wanting his delts lmao solidifies my statement. Thinks posting some ooga booga guys picture for reference makes me his fan, peak incel iq.
>>1747 20 pullups :O your back must be a fucking unit, how many years since you are training ?