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Self-improvement resources This MEGA folder contains the following topics: * Weightlifting routines * Calisthenics routines * Yoga and meditation * Diet and nutrition

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I’m a Bhili SC/ST. Can I get reservations in Canada and how do I bulk up!? Don’t want to be skinny fat.

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Day 4

Couldn't run due to bad chest pain in left and muscular pain in legs so just walked. Also protein maxxing from today. I am gonna eat 200 gram paneer daily.

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Thread 'Guide on achieving model tier skin' Thread 'Collagen Maxxing: The Evidence-Based Guide' Thread 'Phenotype Looksmaxxing Guide: The Forgotten Fundamental Looksmax' Thread 'Eyebrow Looksmaxxing Guide: An Important Pillar To Your Eye Area' Thread 'Ultimate Coloring Guide' Thread 'Hair Looksmaxxing Guide: Good Hair EQUALS Good Life' Thread 'Fashion, Fragrance, Grooming & Accessories Looksmaxxing Guide: The Quaternity of Style' Thread 'The Ultimate Guide To Fragrance and Pheromones' Thread 'Sexual Market Value (SMV) For Men: What Women Look For In a Man That Makes Their Pussy Wet(Hookups)' Thread 'Complete guide to thinking [MEGAGUIDE]' Thread 'Low Inhibition Maxing (social anxiety cels GTFIH)' Thread 'Sexmaxing : SWALLOW THE SEXPILL: How to become a SEX GOD and get girls addicted to you' Thread 'MEWING GUIDE (DETAILED)' Thread 'Ultimate voicemaxxing guide' Thread 'IQmaxxing and skillmaxing' Thread 'Skincare Guide' Thread 'Frame: male vs female'

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My heart beat reaches 190bpm after running at 9km/hr just for 10 minutes. I have to cool down to continue running. What the fuck went wrong?

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Gymbros I need help

Yaaron I am thinlet manlet what excercises should I do and how much ?

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Why am I feeling thirsty after every 45 -60 mins. I also travelled 5 hours total today which included a lot of fatigue and now I have mild headache on right side. I am going to sleep again now.

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made a fitness sub feel free to contribute sirs

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Gymbros, please give me tips. I joined a local gym and there's no trainer.

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>we wuzz

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I just checked my height by taking picture with inchtape and it's 5'8-5'9 maximum. I am hoping to join gym in mid March to get lean and put some muscle mass. BTW is there any way I can increase at least 1 inch of my height? I have bad posture too will correcting it increase it? Or do I need to do pull ups and dead hangs?

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Yaaro i have a big dandruff problem

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is milk healthy or is it just a meme?

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Yaaro I don't care how big of an incel you are. You can always score a 1/10 goblinjeeta and 1) Manipulate her, Gaslight her, fuck her mental health up or if you score an insecure bitch then you can trick her into getting addicted to you. Getting a girl addicted to me was the biggest power trip I ever felt. It's like cocaine, whenever she begs you for love or sex you feel the biggest egotrip and euphoria ever. 2) Fuck her. If her pussy is ugly then fuck her ass after douching. 3) Create fantasies in your head and use her to satisfy them. 4) Get experience because however ugly, she's still by nature a female. Use her for 3 months and you'll get confident around women and then can score a 3/10 then 4/10 then 5/10 gradually . And after 2 years or so, you might score a Stacy cos you're experienced at this shit now. 5)Buy nicotine liquid 5% off Amazon and spray it on your condom before sex, she'll literally get addicted to your dick and beg you to fuck her every 36hours. 6)Friendzone her and use her to score her hotter friends. 7)Or you can genuinely love her like in bollywood movies. Life is so much fun yaaro, there's so so much you can do in your life. What are your opinions on this pyaaro?

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Anyone else at very high risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Both my parents have to take metformin because of their diabetes. 3 of my grandparents had it as well. They were never even overweight. I'm screwed, right.... Anything to prevent or delay this.

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I want to go to gym but can’t because of my social anxiety and I think my parents will also not allow me to spend 2k-3k monthly. What do?

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ye dandruff ka kya karoon guys ? dandruff hair roots pe chipak jaa rhe hai aur nikal nhi rhe . upay ?

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If you are not eboymaxxxing you are not even trying >pic rel is another punjabi chad

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how much do you deadlift? my PR is 75kgs (1x body weight) goal is to train 3xBW

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weight loss journey ,Igmi

day 1-81.15 kg day 2- 79.95 kg day 3- 80.00 kg day 4- 80.05 kg

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This Charles Bronson guy is based Always thought that fighting multiple opponents was something only possible in movies

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Fitjeet Is this pajeet capping or did he actually do this transformation in 4 months. I have a hard time believing this bhangi. currently 175cm, 61kg 1pl8 bench 2.5pl8 sqaut(w/ belt) 3pl8 deadlift(w/ belt and conventional) How does one reach this strength in just 4 fucking months too?

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How the fuck do I stop getting sick all the time? I've been getting cold/flu once in every 3-5 months since the beginning of time. I eat fruits, vegetables, avoid goyslop, lift weights, do cardio, take multivitamin, ashwagandha and vit c supplements, drink 'haldi ka doodh' but no effect. Mom told me I need to avoid cold stuff so I am implementing that as well. What next?

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Natty or not

Is this guy Natty or not?

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how to conquer your masturbation addiction (which is too extreme and maybe nothing can stop it)

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The problems I need to fix in my life.

I have a few problems my fellow /yogis/. Mostly physical and psychological ones that if solved will majorly improve me. I'm 20M. >I'm extremely lazy >Coom addiction >Non existent upper body strength (can't do a single pushup properly or a pull up) >Shit diet + no control over eating >Acne scars (acne has gone away only the scars remain) >Very high triglycerides. If I solve these above mentioned problems I will literally become a chadcel because I know I have the potential but I'm a lazy coomer fuck. Help me yaaro to ascend.

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Shaved my moustache after 3 years. Do I look like fag?

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Does taking stress causes indigestion and loss of appetite?

Ik it might sound dumb , but in summer if you take stress will it result in indigestion of fluids and food ?

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Can I bulk by not lifting weights in gym and instead I will be doing calisthenics and will progress on harder variations (like one arm pull up, weighted push up with bag ,etc) ? assuming I am eating in calorie surplus and appropriate protein. Can I attain a body like this ginger chad And don't ask me to go gym my baap won't gib me money

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Help me please 😭

I consume 1500 calories[ morning -5raw egg+ 2 roti + 500 ml buttermilk and curd Evening -5 boiled egg +500gm raw milk] Guys i want to reduce 3 kg per weak many calories i need to burn each day to fullfill my goal???????????????????????????

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This slum guy literally has nothing but still body mogs all of us here. He is so dedicated to fitness yet he build his own equipment with sticks. we are too lazy to create something like that. Imagine if this guy had money to go to gym.

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How to stop watching porn forever? >Inb4 have sex incel. If I could, I wouldn't have a porn addiction.

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How do I femboymaxx? 6'1" overmasculine bum here. My friends who are the same age as me call me uncle. I have no soft features whatsoever. Women don't like groggy overmasculine men these days. Should I lose weight ? How do I get rid of my broad shoulders?

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kpopmaxx kese kre bhyao

R: 16 / I: 3 / P: 4

I'm on a calorie deficit diet of 1100 calories, I will do anything to lose weight Prettyboymaxxing is the only way out t. 5'7 66kgs Incel

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Ye pimples ko kaise reduce kare

Suddenly ek week mei ye aane lage. How do I reduce this? I've been applying turmeric to my face and using neem face wash Does jerking off cause pimples? Pimples on face btw

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How to improve my eye sight? The first time I got specs my eye sight was -4.0 both now it's -3.5 both. 8years have passed since then. Now I want to improve to at least -1.0

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how to leanmaxx as a skinnyfat dude?

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Mewing works

Yaaro if youre incel coping on forums and rotting forever, you could still MEW all the time no matter what you are doing and trust it WILL make bones in your skull defined and popping OUT, just keep your tongue onto the roof of palette and press it harder, practice it and breathe from NOSE, in the beginning it will be hard to do it 24x7 but eventually it will become a habit, just in a year your face WILL become better if your genetic potential allows you, along with this, add bonsmashing orbital and cheek bones (google it) to improve eye area and CHEW gums 30 mins everyday, youll thank me after 6 months-1 year if you follow these, pyare. Picrel, ignore the coloring im not that dark just light brown tier ig Im 15 btw

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Spoonfeed me a proper skincare routine to not look like a bhangi , kojic acid or hydroquinone or vitamin c serum or tretinoin or glutathione(both edible and cream) also recommend me cleaner moisturizer and sunscreen brands

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Tell me /b/ros why are ypu not using tretinoin. Just use moisturiser ,tret and sunscreen in morning. Pajeetas dig clear and fair skin

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phimosis ka upaay

yaaron meri foreskin peeche nahi jaati iska kya upaay hai,nerve endings hai foreskin ke top pe coom mein maza ata hai par

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Will leanmaxxing help me get a good jawline

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 5

Brain Fog ne jeena haram kar diya

I have boards starting from 27 and I dont have any choice but going on NoFap but for some reason im unable to cros flatline. Brain fog doesnt go away and im being really anxious if this continues by the time of boards. HELP Bhais I feel like having amnesia and losing the ability to think and grasp basic concepts, Im either gonna fap but itll make it worse I assume im stuck badly, Nofap anon madad kro

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Dump infographs, workout plans, diet lists, recipes, etc. here.

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Help yaaro

Yaaro ye kya ho gaya meri naak pe Anons help yaaro isse kaise hatau

R: 12 / I: 1 / P: 5

if you start lifting this week & stay consistent and eat the right food, a year from now you would be a completely different (better) person

R: 12 / I: 1 / P: 5

Are these 2 guys natty bros? They are carnivores btw.

R: 11 / I: 2 / P: 5

Headache on left side of head near eye.

So , I've been having these intense headaches since 1 year about 3 times a month. The headache is always at the same place left side of head/temple near left eye and spreads to shoulder. Mostly headache starts in morning and takes whole day to recover. Is this migraine or something else? Anyone else has/had it?

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SERIOUS /b/ros

Does masturbation makes you skinny and weak? Did anyone of you stop masturbating? If yes, then what changes did you see?

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Guys anyone have suggestions to remove ocd

Ok so after browsing inch a lot my mind got obsessed with the fact that no engineering happens in India and blah blah. I've 2 backs in first year and i want to clear it. I'm in a tier 4 college and I'm a middle class pajeet. Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance

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How to improve gut health with probiotics and fermented foods

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Yaaroooo my roomate doesn't let me sleep . Tell some quick ways to sleep .

R: 11 / I: 1 / P: 6

How to stop addiction of visting different forums and be productive

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Tips from Gigachad Ji #2 Karla kattai edition

Post all your gymming/malyuddham/exercising/dieting questions here. I will try my best to clarify them all

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be me >Used to be a bloomer last year >Was religious and a brahmachari >Didn't care what others think >Got good grades >Had a good physique and good lifestyle >4 months ago got into a bad company >Started mastrubating >Stopped studying >Gained 30kg >In severe depression >Probably on the verge of developing some mental disease Is there any way our?

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how to get rid of a kink and masturbation addiction? Wish I was a brahmachari. I have no self control. Nofap max streak is 3 days

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Dry feet

Whenever I wear shoes during winter they get extremely dry, to the point where even wearing shoes makes me feel irritated. Applying lotion is too annoying. Any to get rid of dry feet?

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How do I get rid of dark circles? I've been sleeping properly but this does not work effectively.

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Yaaron how to study during winters if someone is addicted to masturbation and have low memory retention?

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>I need to eat meat and inject juice—AAAAAAAAACCCCKKKKK Non veg chamaro ki to genocide kardeni chahiye.

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Barbell Exercises and Muscle control

This is the general for natural bodybuilding. Come in fags

R: 25 / I: 13 / P: 7

>bhangali bodybuilders from 1920s to 1930s before steroids were invented What is your excuse chuds

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Any interesting 30 day self-improvement challenge/programme that you know of?

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 7

> be me, 18 yo coomer > have had piles since I was 16, also used to have a colon polyp (which was surgically cut), all due to my love for spices and Haldiram Bhujia. Used to eat packets on packets. > exams stress and shit, so jerk off to porn daily, sitting on my Indian squat toilet. > Doctor used to say that sitting so much on toilet will exacerbate the piles. But in my हवस I ignore all this advice when I fap till 8-10 minutes straight. > I don't even enjoy the climax much now. > In constant depression, and no exercise at all (oh did I tell I am 110+ kgs?) > a darkskin chutiya I am, with lots of weirdly placed body hair. Try to trim my facial hair but in vain. Face is full of popped-pimple-ruins. > fantasize regularly about killing myself, but as an only child worried about parents > As much as I try, I fall again and again in such pits, and even deeper pits. > Is there any hope for me? How can I crawl out?

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What and all some genuine self improvement youtubers Or forums /yogi/s browse ?

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 7

I've gotten too fat. Cut to the talk, I simply want to loose weight but I have a simple problem:- Can't get up early in the morning, even when I do, I simply close the alarm and go back to sleep

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मैं जब से पैदा हुआ हूँ तब से गांड मरवा रहा हूँ | मेरे आसपास के सभी लोग चूतिये हैं जो हर वक़्त मेरी गांड मारने में लगे रहते है| मैं एक चुतिया चमार हूँ| इस दुनिया में गांड मराने आया हूँ|चमार लोग genetically कमजोर होते है, चमारो की गांड मैं गूदा नहीं होता, उनमें लड़ने की ताकत नहीं होती इसलिए वो lower क्लास के होते है मेरा बाप भी एक चुतिया है, अपनी जिंदगी में तर्रक्की नहीं कर पाया| साला उस चूतिये ने मुझे भी पैदा कर दिया | मुझसे पूछे बिना मुझे पैदा कर दिया, अब में बिना अपनी मर्जी के इस दुनिया में जबरदस्ती लाया गया हूँ में यहाँ आके फँस गया हूँ , मुझे मुक्ति चाहिए, इस चुतियापे से, इस मंदबुद्धि दिमाग से, रोज-रोज के गांड मरवाने से, इस मादरचोद और बेरहम दुनिया से| ये दुनिया बेरहम है, यहाँ अच्छे से जीने के लिए एक अच्छी किस्मत चाहिए, और लड़ने वाला attitude और हिम्मत जो की मेरे पास नहीं है, और न ही मेरे बाप के पास!

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Tips from Gigachad Ji edition #1

All looksmaxxing is useless if you don't - have a height of 6'+ - have a penis size of 6.5 inches + - have a defined, chiseled jaw and cheekbones - have the potential to build muscle/do not have frame. Just don't try if you are lacking in two or more of these factors and moneymaxx + gymmaxx. Betabuxx for a stacy wife, give birth to chad/stacy children (make sure you give birth to atleast one male) and hope that your progeny live the life that you wished for whilst you escortmaxx/gullible teenage girlmaxx (assuming you have already gymmaxxed and moneymaxxed, these women are easy prey)on the side because your generate whorejeeta wife will cheat on you. Will post more tips every week.

R: 10 / I: 0 / P: 7

I have 5'9 height and usually gets mogged by zoomerbhangis where I live even sometimes girls come close to my height. Does improving neck posture and spinal posture helps in increasing some height? Should I start gymaxxing. I feel really small in front of someone taller than me

R: 16 / I: 5 / P: 8

How to fix these acne and scars yaaro my face looks like lundian roads

R: 15 / I: 1 / P: 8

Is It normal ? (please tell me it is)

Guys I am shit scared. It's been two days since I have had an erection, is it normal. I am 23 yrs old, virgin. normally I wake up with a morning wood every day. but It has not been the case from past two days. I was reading online about it and it shows may be these are the early signs of erectile dysfunction. but I don't wanna believe it. I mean I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. do any of you guys have no erection for some days >

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How to get rid of unibrow?

R: 11 / I: 1 / P: 8

Is there any way to improove

5'4" 43 Kgs mid 20s Is there any point of trying at this age?