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Self-improvement resources This MEGA folder contains the following topics: * Weightlifting routines * Calisthenics routines * Yoga and meditation * Diet and nutrition

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my left eye is slightly lazy. any way to solve it without surgery?

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How to fix these acne and scars yaaro my face looks like lundian roads

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Bros, when I walk or run, my legs tend to land on one line unlike how they are supposed to be some distance apart when putting them on the ground. And no, I don't have knock knees. I also suppose to not go out often since covid. Any upay?

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Don't be a retard like me and keep track of your diet, anons. I went from 52 to 62 kgs in the last 10 months but the thing is I've only gained 1 fucking kg in the last 3 months, barely any progress at the gym. I was supposed to go on a cut after December but now I am forced to bulk till mid-2023 at least. Need to hit 70kgs.

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Can someone help me with incontinence problems? I can't hold my shit together for more than 10 minutes. My shit is too soft. Today I experienced a major accident and shat all over the toilet and my clothes because I couldn't hold it in properly together. How do I fix this?

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Why Indian diet is so Unhealthy?

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how to conquer your masturbation addiction (which is too extreme and maybe nothing can stop it)

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How to shave ass hair

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I'm 5'7, going to turn 18? Is there any way I could increase my height?

Not by any surgical method

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>be me >skinny fat pajeet with 23 bmi >have bad neck posture and anterior pelvic tilt >wants to lose weight >baap denies money for gym Why is life so brootal yaar. I wanted to do one thing. I wanted to improve but now there seems no choice except codemaxxing until I get a job.

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Upay? I observed this in my window reflection that my body posture is very bad and it's leaning forward with hips going backwards. Also what is correct body posture and upay for it?

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how do i stop biting my nails? i even chew through the skin and it hurts all day I have been biting them since i was a kid I start biting them whenever i am thinking very hard or concentrating on something

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Bada painful phimosis hoke rakha hai yaar, isko katwana padega kya? Mujhe katua nahi banna hai lekin ye dard aur sehen nahi karna hai fml waali baat hogayi yeh. Virgin hote hue foreskin khona padega mujhe too much yaar

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how much do you deadlift? my PR is 75kgs (1x body weight) goal is to train 3xBW

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Pyaare anons

I am balding at 23 what are my options ? > get a crew cut/ buzz cut > shave it all off(but I can't grow a proper beard) > get a hair transplant(which I can never afford) > start using finasteride(but It has side effects and I can't get it without prescription) > ROPE

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M 19 171 cm 53 kg Is it over for me

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A guy at my gym can deadlift 280kg natty with bw of 87kg. He's also an iitian. Also gave upsc mains this year. For diet he eat only vegetarian food. And does yoga and pranayam daily. Bc kese possible h ye.

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Going to buy this today. Any tips or precautions?

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I have 5'9 height and usually gets mogged by zoomerbhangis where I live even sometimes girls come close to my height. Does improving neck posture and spinal posture helps in increasing some height? Should I start gymaxxing. I feel really small in front of someone taller than me

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How to fix skinny fat (m19, 54kg)

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Is It normal ? (please tell me it is)

Guys I am shit scared. It's been two days since I have had an erection, is it normal. I am 23 yrs old, virgin. normally I wake up with a morning wood every day. but It has not been the case from past two days. I was reading online about it and it shows may be these are the early signs of erectile dysfunction. but I don't wanna believe it. I mean I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. do any of you guys have no erection for some days >

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Broos, I was standing in front of table to take print and I had to bend a bit so I was in bending position for like 5 minutes and then suddenly my legs starting shaking. After I came to room when I printed all papers my body was feeling very unstable like my head is shaking arms and hands shaking but they weren't only legs were shaking now they feel normal. What's the matter yaaron?

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Whats the most perfect routine to live life? (dharmic way)

it should be purely religious and vedic i literally need a timetable to live my life. maybe just share whats your daily routine

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Except for capitalist medicine with loads of side effect, is there another way to increase serotonin?

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Vedic way of de-tan?

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what causes this?

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M17 Height - 177 Weight- 54 Underweight or normal? also.. even though I am 17.. people mistake me for being 14/15 years old.. bcoz I have no facial hair.. any advice on how to grow them?

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It’s that time of the year again

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The problems I need to fix in my life.

I have a few problems my fellow /yogis/. Mostly physical and psychological ones that if solved will majorly improve me. I'm 20M. >I'm extremely lazy >Coom addiction >Non existent upper body strength (can't do a single pushup properly or a pull up) >Shit diet + no control over eating >Acne scars (acne has gone away only the scars remain) >Very high triglycerides. If I solve these above mentioned problems I will literally become a chadcel because I know I have the potential but I'm a lazy coomer fuck. Help me yaaro to ascend.

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How do i increase my chest size yaaron

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Talked with a CrossFit Trainer today. Disclaimer: All his students have belly guts and none have any good bodies that I would want. My dad, still adores him and wants me to "surrender" to him. I'm 183cm 72.5kg. I workout intermittently and I'm not very unfit but still not anywhere near the ideal— just a self efficient body capable of doing every bodyweight exercise and running 5km below 30 minutes. I can run 5k in 32 minutes right now and can do a single pull up. I don't want to surrender to him, he wants me to grow weight, something I'm very reluctant of. I just want to leanmaxx doing strength/hypertrophy training along with sprinting. What do guys?

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How to gain 7 kgs quickly. t. 43 kgs, 5'4"

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I unironically have more body hair than my father and i have a dad's nose as well.I believe that's because of high testosterone, could it be the reason why i have so many acnes and pimples? Is extremely high testosterone good for someone of my age? I look 4 years older than i am

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Why is my semen yellow and watery nowadays? It used to be thick and white a year ago. Time to rope?

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Give looksmaxxing tips for a baldfag. >inb4 surgery NO. Not that insecure. Also, rate.

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I'm very lazy to do anything. Please suggest me video that contains a few minutes of body weight exercise(aka calisthenics maybe) that i can do everyday. I'm so lazy, I don't even want to learn many exercises, just a few and repeat it everyday like a brainlet monkey. Thanks.

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Natty or not

Is this guy Natty or not?

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How to get a thicker beard on cheeks?

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Help /b/ros

Suggest some mid range cream for Cystic ance which contain salycilic acid, benzoyl chloride, vitamin c and other shit necessaary for treating it. I am getting plenty of cysts on my face and private parts.

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Is there an article like this one available for lundians? I want to learn about diet mantainance but for vegetarians.

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How to stop watching porn forever? >Inb4 have sex incel. If I could, I wouldn't have a porn addiction.

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TIme for bodymaxxxxing

What is the ideal body type for 5'8 male What or how much aesthetic should I aim at to train ? Also we will miss you Suicidal Incel anon, bas Diwali ke time mat marna. Atleast family ko to sukh se diwali celebrate kar lene de.

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Yaaro do i have tinnitus?

I go to coaching ehere they use speakers to convey sound across the big rooms, i feel that the loud voice exposure for 6 hours constantly is affecting my hearing When i concentrate i can hear a very weak ringing sound , when i press my tongue on tge pallete with much force the ringing sound increases for a moment and same for when i clench my jaw Sometimes , randomly ( once every 3 days or so) i hear a ringing voice for just 3-4 seconds Should i wear earplugs in the coaching class?

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Mornin’ inchards

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Aaj pata nahi kya ho raha hai. Bohot bhook lag rahi hai. Subeh roz se zyada breakfast kiya, lunch bhi khaya, fir snacks 2 baar, nariyal paani aur raat ko bhi tagda dinner. Roz mai bohot kam khaata hu aur kabhi kabhi lunch bhi skip karta hu lekin kabhi bhi bhook nahi lagi thi. Aaj itna khane ke baad bhi pet khaali lag raha aur growl kar raha hai. Aur bhi khaane ka man karraha hai. Ye kya ho raha hai mere saath? Iska koi upay?

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How to reduce hip and butt?

I have a big butt like a woman, how do I reduce it? In my mid 20s

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Is there any way to improove

5'4" 43 Kgs mid 20s Is there any point of trying at this age?

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Is there anyone who overcame his procrastination habit and got rid of dopamine addiction? If yes, then please help me yaar. I also have dopamine addiction and procrastination habit

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How much time will it take me to reduce double chin and face fat? >picrel

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Yaaron what's the upaay for loose motion, fever bodyache and headache and also sickness

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Just keeping you niggas updated

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bulkin' and cuddlin' season is coming, /inch/. what are you doing to prepare?

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There are some tiny ball like things I can feel in lobule of my ears. What is it and what to do? *pic not related*

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Help me yaaro

Kitna bhi mana karne pe mummy oily snacks bana deti hai aur papa sweets khareed late hai ab itna saara junk food ko mai resist nhi kar pata aur khaane ke baad extreme regret hota hai why am I like this yaaro kuch toh karna hai apne aadat ka kyunki maa baap meri nhi sunne wale Bas abhi kuch minutes pehle hi 5 samosa 1 jalebi aur 2 kaju katli khaaya hu feel like killing myself

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I was having itchy ear 3 days ago then I used qtip then it got clogged after that I used mustard oil and now today I am hearing whistle and buzz sound in my hear since morning and feeling weak too yaaron what does this means? I also have a low pain in ea

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How to get strong forearms. Any home workout exercise?? Also how to become bulk Any diet?? *no whey protein *no weight gainer

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Is Brahmacharya really worth it? I know cooming to porn is really bad, but will going a step further and abstaining from sexual relations really help in achieving personal growth? Especially at the age where everyone around you is having their own deal of fun with the opposite sex? On a minimum, how long should one retain their semen for to fully experience the benefits?

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I had this fungal infection on my inner thighs which was very itchy a week ago, the skin just flaked away and now the resulting condition is picrel. Should I do something about it or will it heal on its own?

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How to get rid of acne scars / hyperpigmentation?

I don't have active acne anymore as long as I wash my face every night, but in the past I neglected it and now have some small black spots on my forehead that aren't disappearing. I use sunblock to stop them from darkening even more, but are there products I can buy on Amazon to lighten those areas fast, that have worked well for you in the past?

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I wash my face and moisturize everyday and use a face scrub 2-3 times a week. Is this enough or should I add something else too my routine? Thinking about sunscreen.

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Anyone here on finasteride seen any substantial growth? Any side effects? I am on 1mg every other day but not seen any substantial growth just overall halting in hairfall which was aggressive a few months back. For me I haven't seen any major side effects other than a little pain in balls which occurs occasionally and no morning boner.

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How to regain masculine energy losed throug masturbation during my teenage


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I can't coom

I've been cooming since time immemorial. But now I can see that very less semen comes out. Just 3 or 4 drops. What is the solution to make more coom saathiyo?

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Mera bulk chal raha hai fir bhi mere forearms jyada vascular kyu ho rahe hai? Is it because of more cardio? I walk around a lot nowadays.

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My penis size is only 12cm max which is 4.7 inch. Is there any upay I can make my penis at least 5.5inch? Girth is good tho

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I lift so that one day if my nude video or a sex tape ever leaks out I wouldn't have to feel embarrassed because I know that I look aesthetic as fuck.

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Help dosto

Guys I am forced breathing that is heavy breathing is happening to me Iska kya illaj hai pyaaro???? The anxiety is real :(

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How to stop addiction of visting different forums and be productive

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Do stretching exercises helps in becoming taller?

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Yaaaar 3 hafte ke vacation ne poora muscle mass chod diya, vacation se pehle mai 3 hafte hi gym gaya tha [6 days/week PPL] Ab motivation nhi aa rhi aalas aa rha hai

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Please help me fitchads

Suggest no equipment android app that will guide me with doing weight loss exercise. Dont know how I became so fat in 3 months. I was skinny fat.

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What is reason of sunken eyes during teenage. I have them & I'm 18.5 I have them since i was in mid school. Is there any fur cure for it (Home remedies like )

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Poojeets should learn something from blackbros. I thought the entire 'n1ggers are physically superior' is a meme until I saw blacks in my kallej. Majority of the guys look fit and taller than the average skinny fat pajeet, they are lanky at their worst. Literally saw a roided black dude in my mess today. Fucker had bulging veins everywhere and his muscles looked way too full, plus he was with another bunch of jacked black dudes but they didn't look juiced. Is bringing steroids from Africa to Lundia even possible? Or do these people have local contact/suppliers?

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SERIOUS /b/ros

Does masturbation makes you skinny and weak? Did anyone of you stop masturbating? If yes, then what changes did you see?

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Behenchod gym mai gaya tha aaj peheli bar bohot awkward lag raha tha bakio ( 1 banda) ke sath workout karte hue,is it normal to have anxiety on day 1 :/

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How to get rid of unibrow?

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 8 This is a larry wheels video on erectile dysfunction and masturbation, a must watch for all those who masturbate he talks about what kind of masturbation leads to ED, and those who have ED should also watch it and check if this works out for you. Nerval Ed is different from hormonal Ed make sure you check what kind of ED it is. Nerval ed you can mostly feel the pain in nerves for hormonal ed it comes with other hormonal symptoms and lowers your libido i.e. you don't get horndt enough. Doing community service for all of you inchfags i have seen many ed posts here

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Can taking msm supplements reduce melanin and makes your iris lighter?

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Help me please 😭

I consume 1500 calories[ morning -5raw egg+ 2 roti + 500 ml buttermilk and curd Evening -5 boiled egg +500gm raw milk] Guys i want to reduce 3 kg per weak many calories i need to burn each day to fullfill my goal???????????????????????????

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How to fix?

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 9

I skip lunch and have this as breakfast most of the time. How unhealthy is it?

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Stomach pain... Help

Yaaro kab se pet dard ho rha hai Pet mai dard + gud gud + burning sensation Abh khada hota hu toh bhi dard hota hai Burps and farts ho rahe hai par pata nahi kyu aisa ho raha hai Kya karu yaaro??? Help me i don't wanna die >inb4 what did u ate last time anon Ragda puri in street and aloo puri in ghar and everyone ate it so mai bas kaisa bimaar hua >inb4 doctor ko dikhale Di kaha bhai and whatever he said isn't working Help yaaro :(

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My curly hairs

My annon friends what should I apply to do my hair silky smooth...please suggest one affordable product pleaseeeeeeeeee🙏

R: 9 / I: 2 / P: 9

Is Hairfall caused by Masturbation? I still have alot of hair and is not bald in any way but my hair falls alot. Also my hairs grow back much faster.

R: 13 / I: 2 / P: 9

Hygiene problems

Is removing hand hairs are gay? Or look bad ? Difficult to wash proper hand hairs ... they always smell 🤧

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 9

The area b/w my thumb and palm of my left hand hurts whenever i rest my body weight over my elbow when i sit on a table-chair Do i have pic rel. ?

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Is this considered broad shoulders?

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My ears are clogged even after cleaning them. Should I consult a doctor or wait for a day to see if my ear opens

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Mujhe >Deadhang (picrel) Krna hai , par mere pas koi hanging bar nahi hai na hi or koi jagah jaha latak saku, iska substitute bta do yaar

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What are the ways to prevent and avoid hair loss?

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 10

I'm 19 years old now my weight is 45kg and height is 5.7 how to increase my weight yaar everyone mocks me yaar .it feels so bad.

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Protein shake

Sup yogabros. Can someone recommend me an easy protein shake recipe (around 300-400cals) which includes whey? Bonus points if it doesn't include peanut butter. (already have it everyday) My bulk has been stalling for a while and my appetite is fucked.

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How to get rid of pinworms

I have these recurring worms since i was a kid take albendazole every month and have a peaceful butt for a month but they come back every now and then how do i get rid of them, properly? Before latching on me like im a unhygenic subhuman note that i live in a third world shithole like rest of you.

R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 10

Vaccine Detoxification thread Here's a thread about how to detoxify yourself from vaccine. Start detoxifying yourselves as early you can because the chemicals are going to kill you if you don't

R: 17 / I: 1 / P: 10

Does this help in increasing focus, attention span, concentration and increasing physical strength. Like I feel weak if I go outside(like coaching)I have to sleep for 2 hours to get energized again

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 10

First post here :)

Im about to turn 18 and I weight around 40kg/88lbs, Height is 175cm/5.7ft please help me so that i don't look like a skeleton anymore, thanks xo

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Yaaro is there any hope for me, I coom 2-3 times a day. However I've started doing 15 suryanamaskars every morning while listening to bhajans

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How to get long slender fingers?

R: 31 / I: 3 / P: 10

R8 my depth, seem impossible for me to go below parallel on back squats. Also, does my ass seem comparitively big?