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Self-improvement resources This MEGA folder contains the following topics: * Weightlifting routines * Calisthenics routines * Yoga and meditation * Diet and nutrition

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How much do I need Bench press in order to get pecs like these?

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R8 my depth, seem impossible for me to go below parallel on back squats. Also, does my ass seem comparitively big?

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fungus has ended my inner thigh

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I feel so tired it's unreal

>woke up at 9, lay in bed till 10 >went to college, half hour lecture, recess and then a 2-hour "practical" session where we just solved problems like in class >already exhausted >skipped the last lecture >AAAARHHGH ONE OF MY STRAPS ON THE BAG BROKE, WHY DOES JT HAVE TO HAPPEN ON THE WORST POSSIBLE TIME >come home at 4, sleep >wake up at 5:30, slightly better but still tired and type this post >tfw 3 hours at college burnt me out completely while i didn't have a problem attending a 6 hour college day all week 3 years ago Any suggestions? I will start vit D supplements from today because I have been getting zero sun these days. anything else?

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Is it cancer? Any medical professional here?

Just noticed I have a hard neck lump under my right ear. I can barely recall but I think a few months ago, I had felt a small hard bonelike bump while running my fingers in that area. It wasn't visible then, I didn't pay much heed about it Now what should I do anons? Should run to the doctor or wait another week and see if it reduces. I am freaking out rn 😢

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Surya namaskar actually increase strength!!! ...,both%20male%20and%20female%20groups. ... आशा करता हूँ की आप सब सूर्य नमस्कार करते होंगे।

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Konsa wala buy karu frens? Home workout ke liye batao

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Based Pakichad

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Should I buy this?

Never went to gym + don't have time for it. Should I buy this for occasional workout?

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How much time will it take me to reduce double chin and face fat? >picrel

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Just started bacopa moneri powder awith milk after dinner. I take one big spoon and mix it with milk and sugar. After a few minutes i start endlessly farting. What am I doing wrong?

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Mujhe >Deadhang (picrel) Krna hai , par mere pas koi hanging bar nahi hai na hi or koi jagah jaha latak saku, iska substitute bta do yaar

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What did Rajput and Pratihara warriors of ancient and medieval India eat? If they repelled Islamic hordes for 300 years straight, they must have done something right. Redpill me on their diet so that I can follow it and become a chad.

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How to grow penis size? Turns out i am a dicklet by indian standards too

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riddle me this yaaro

Should I work out or not if I know I don't have enough protein to consume for the day? I read it drains you and causes adverse effects if you work out and don't consume enough protein, like muscle loss. Opinion?

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Is this enough protein for lunch?

Eating full 200 gram moong dal namkeen packet for lunch This is good for health right?

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Omad se 7-8 kgs weight loss mein kitna time lagega? I'm already doing two meals with 30 mins cardio 5-6 days. Height is 173cm . Current weight is 69.2 kg. Mereko twinkmaxx karna hai

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Yaaro give me mewing tips and tricks. Also tell me a chewing gum brand available in india that will help me with chewing and mewing.

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What should be ideal leg to body ratio for men?

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Suggest me some skin care stuff so i can make the best version out of my skin

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Does this help in increasing focus, attention span, concentration and increasing physical strength. Like I feel weak if I go outside(like coaching)I have to sleep for 2 hours to get energized again

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My body looks like this. I'm embarrassed because of my thin legs. I have tried squatting and bulking but nothing works. I only get a fat around stomach. help.

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Wanna break Guinness world book record

Yaaro a serious thread and pls guide me. I wanna break world record in pull ups and I am dead serious about this right now I can do only 10 pull ups at a time since I never tried it before plus it will help me in increase my height, from tomorrow I will start my journey so what should I do and what not guide me pyaare anons.

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Acne mark removal ka upaay?

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Old fags please link me to old archived inch's yoga posts. Some redpilled stuff pls.

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there are about 13 days left for my college to start should I eat like a hippo for 9 days then work out in the last 4 days, or should I keep doing both (eating and excercise) I've heard gaining first then cutting helps this is my situation right now (18 years old exactly)

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Why am I losing facial fat? I have lost almost all the fat from upper region. My face look like a rat's face. It's not like my body is losing any weight. It is said that face is the last place to lose the fat but in my case it seems it's the first region to lose fat rapidly. The cheeks are sunked in and i HAVE COMPLETELY LOST MY BOW RIDGE. Do you understand how unaesthetic it is for a man to lose his eye brow ridge and connected nasal tissue? What's going on?

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Fever while gym

Helpppop..... Guys 5 din se ghar per GYM kar reha hu but problem yee hai ki pasina bhout jada aata hai ...sala underwear se leke sab gila ho jata hai fir usse SARAD -GARAM(FEVER) ho jata hai or meri gym ruk jati hai .... please koi help kar de yrr

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>be me > 177cm tall > 70 kg > Not too skinny + not too fatty > How much can I build up if I go to college gym daily > Lives in hostel (particularly no source of protein)

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Surya namaskar harnesses your amygdala. It must be done with the associated mantras . It is NOT a physical exercise The post below is the most widely read among all my 2678 posts– 96% by foreigners

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Astanga Yoga increases our GABA levels , which reduces stress. GABA levels and mood are positively affected by yoga practice. Low levels of GABA are linked to depression and anxiety. GABA is the major neurotransmitters in the central nervous system, and especially in the cerebral cortex, which is where thinking occurs and sensations are interpreted. GABA is made in brain cells from glutamate, and functions as an inhibitory neurotransmitter – meaning that it blocks nerve impulses. Glutamate acts as an excitatory neurotransmitter and when bound to adjacent cells encourages them to “fire” and send a nerve impulse. GABA does the opposite and tells the adjoining cells not to “fire”, not to send an impulse. Without GABA, nerve cells fire too often and too easily. Anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, seizure disorders, and numerous other conditions including addiction, headaches, Parkinson’s syndrome, and cognitive impairment are all related to low GABA activity. The less GABA, the more nerve transmissions occur. Depressed and bipolar patients to have lower levels of GABA in their blood plasma. “The lower knowledge is the knowledge of the phenomenal world. In reality it is ignorance, for it does not lead to the Highest Good. The seer of the Upanishads asks the aspirant to acquire both the knowledge of the relative world and the Knowledge of Ultimate Reality. When by the pursuit of the former he fails to attain true freedom and immortality, he cultivates the latter.”Mundaka Upanishad Mantra, 2.2.11, 5000 BC

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any nutrition autist here? i am going to explore about nutrition and its relation to beauty, health, brain, aging, semen production, balding and whatever it can affect

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How to get hot sexy hands like these!?

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Dark circles hai kaafi iska upay?

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Behenchod gym mai gaya tha aaj peheli bar bohot awkward lag raha tha bakio ( 1 banda) ke sath workout karte hue,is it normal to have anxiety on day 1 :/

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Tantra has been well tested over thousands of years, not in worldly laboratories but in the laboratories of the human body, the most complicated machine in this cosmos by Maharishi Yogi scientists. We have become creatures of habit, this means that we make love in the same boring missionary or doggy style way ( because of BO and MO? ) , the same positions, and the same days and for most people sex has become a goal-oriented activity, the goal being the rabbit type orgasm. Looking into each other’s eyes during lovemaking forces you to be there with your partner. Have you noticed almost all married women close their eyes during love making ? This is because you are a rabbit , not a stud bull, and she is imagining someone else—definitely NOT you. This shows us that another aspect of Tantric sex is vulnerability. Both partners being willing to show their real selves, their strengths and weaknesses. This is often difficult for men, who are brought up with the ‘sailors don’t cry’ mentality. When you piss and stop suddenly in mid-flow, you will use a set of pelvic voluntary muscles. This physical part of your anatomy is intimately connected with the energetic reality of your Muladhara Chakra. The emphasis is not just on building up a strong love muscle but being able to sense or feel this place inside you, and build a relationship with it, from the inside. In doing so, you can vastly increase your genital sensitivity and therefore your capacity to enjoy with withholding ejaculation. You’ll also develop a deeper and more connected experience of yourself and of life as a whole. Tantric Yoga is the is the only one that deals with the biggest energy in your body- the sexual energy— it teaches you how to control and manipulate it so you can benefit from it. God wants to procreate, that is why you have continued a lineage and you are reading this post. The biggest disservice you could do to your ancestors is to allow your lineage to terminate. Since you are a conscious animal, you must enjoy sex.

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Everybody asks me, "what the fuck is Zyzz about, what the fuck is up with those videos, cunt? You're fucking up yourself cunt" It's a fucking act, there is no Zyzz. You mirin', brah? Well I'll give you more reason to mire now bro. It's fucking Zyzz, brah. Everyone has a little bit of Zyzz in them. Every fucking cunt out there, you're a fuckng sick cunt if you wanna be, brah. Stop being a fucking sad cunt, alright? Go out, get bitches. That's what we do in this shit, brah. You wanna be a fucking little sad cunt? Fuck that shit, bro. Every little haters gonna hate, bro. You'll never be like Zyzz, brah, cause I'm a fucking sick cunt, mate. Every one of us has a little bit of Zyzz in us, you just don't know it yet. You're sitting here going, "who the fuck is this fucking faggot?", well, you're probably right. But I'm fucking shredded brah, ye cunt. Cuz at the end of the day bro, you gotta listen to this... If you're a fucking shredded sick cunt, you get away with anything bro. You make fun of some fat cunt making a shit and people will be like "Aw yeah, Zyzz bro, yeah". No one'll give a fuck, man. In life, if you wanna be noticed, you gotta be a fuckin' ripped cunt. You gotta be a shredded cunt. You gotta go to the gym and be a sick cunt. You gotta fuck bitches, you know and not give a fuck cuz that's what we do, bro. That's what the Zyzz cunts do. That's what the revolution is, bro. None of these fuckin' sad cunts. We're all gonna fuckin' make it bro, that's it.

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Is this true?

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Is no-fap a meme or does it actually work?

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Yaaron i have 22 BMI which is considered healthy body weight according to internet. But I am skinny fat , have moobs , saggy chin even with tongue on roof. Once in past i did cut on my diet & lost most of my muscle mass along with fat. But this time i don't wanna do this Upay ?

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I have been stuttering since my childhood and because of it I have been autistic my whole life. What can i do to get rid of my stutter?

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Its over for me

I'm really short guy having height of 5'5 at the age of 18 and I think it's over for me. Anything I can do except kms? PS. Don't tell me I'm not short or I'm average as I know that I'm SHORT.

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Was he fat or muscular? If latter, how to get arms like that?

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Any caffeine stuff?

I'm going to workout hard today and thinking about any stuff which would make me keep long lasting working out. Any legal stuff which would help me last long during workout?

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Why does cooming to porn cause social anxiety? I have also noticed that it makes

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First—root chakra— MULADHARA kidneys ,adrenaline glands — Red resonance –base of spine– material worldly issues— survival, safety, prosperity, motivation . 194.18 Hz – same frequency as an Earth Day which is 24 hours. The energy is dynamic, stimulating, vitalizing and tonifying. frequency that influences the physical body. Etheric Aura is 2 inches from body, Mirrors physical health. Ruby. Concern physical/ element earth. 3.8 – 4.3 Hz . Blockage- Addictions, compulsions, fear, indiscipline. Seat -Will to live, faith in life

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I don't look fat but I've become a bit chubby due to studyceling, 70kg 5'8, ho do i become lean in 45 days

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What is your excuse for not going to the gym

Here is mine. I am very short, ugly, low testosterone, and very skinny. No amount of gymcoping is going to make me look even remotely presentable. So why bother? I have a good metabolism and genes for longevity and am healthy otherwise. I do some jogging everyday to help with digestion.

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how many burpees can you do in a row? I do a pyramid set when I do them so I can get up to 55 now.

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Trexgenics TyroBest-500 L-Tyrosine Pharmaceutical Grade - Thyroid, Stress, Neurotransmitter & Brain Function Support (60 Veg. Capsules) (1) Is this better than those hard to acquire drugs like inspiral and ritalin?

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is brahmacharya pseudo-science or it's worth it ?

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/food/ - food and supplements general

Here lies /yoga/'s attempt at being an actually useful board for once. ITT: We discuss food and recipes meant for gymrats (other reasons are ok) along with supplements, talk about different options for food and try to give up the goyslop and eat the best food for ourselves, according to our nutrient needs (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian). Related questions encouraged. Thread is WIP, we'll see how this one goes and add/remove stuff accordingly. Emphasis on value for money and non-processed jank. Roidfags and shills STAY OUT.

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Surya namaskar anons, Is only surya namaskar enough for full body workout? If i do it early in the morning for 15 minutes Is it enough for all my workout requirements & provide me a healthy life?

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Upaay for insomnia? Fuck bros, it's making my nights a hell. If I go to bed around 11;30-12pm, sometimes it takes me around 3-4hrs to fall deep asleep,. I think it is anxiety and sometimes diet induced. Then I end up waking up at fuck 11AM and the cycle continues. I don't have it only if I wake up early but it's hard to do that if you end up sleeping late.

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does picrel work ?

>dermaroller thread I want to get rid of acne scars.

R: 20 / I: 0 / P: 6

Is there an cure for level 4 phimosis or do I have get a ((((surgery)))). I don't want to get a surgery yaar. Please tell home remedy, give links if possible

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The problems I need to fix in my life.

I have a few problems my fellow /yogis/. Mostly physical and psychological ones that if solved will majorly improve me. I'm 20M. >I'm extremely lazy >Coom addiction >Non existent upper body strength (can't do a single pushup properly or a pull up) >Shit diet + no control over eating >Acne scars (acne has gone away only the scars remain) >Very high triglycerides. If I solve these above mentioned problems I will literally become a chadcel because I know I have the potential but I'm a lazy coomer fuck. Help me yaaro to ascend.

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Please tell me that continuing fasting would be enough for escaping skinnyfatdoom. I used to fat and lost the weight with Intermittent fasting now j have become skinny fat. And I can't afford gym and a proper diet cause of financial issues. Please be nice and gib tips

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How to remove body hair

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 7

If I go to gym for 3 months and then stop it for about a year, will it impact my body? I was planning to gym for about 3-4 months and then get into some sport.

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 7

How much will it take to achieve this body Currently I am 6"2 at 105 kgs Will not have gym access for 2 months So I was thinking about losing 10 kilos and then starting gym

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Reddit ne bola tha acne scars will go away in a couple weeks. Ab to mahina hogaya. Upaay?

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SERIOUS /b/ros

Does masturbation makes you skinny and weak? Did anyone of you stop masturbating? If yes, then what changes did you see?

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Brahmacharya ji Satya hai

Book on Yoga-Celibacy, great topics on kundalini, celibacy, stories and myths. Describes the stages where energy resides and other interesting things about our energy and its rising. “Kundalini is the most refined form of vital energy (maha-prana) present in every being. It guides the physical, mental and spiritual evolution of all beings. Its activity is guided by nature in case of all beings except humans. In case of humans, there is freedom to guide the activity of kundalini because with humans conscious evolution through self-effort becomes possible.”

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Advice for beginners

/yoga/ bros I want to get into bodybuilding but I am too skinny. Should I first gain some weight and then start lifting or just start lifting with how much I weigh rn? Also recommend food to eat to gain weight....

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swimming > biking > running

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 7

How much inches I can possibly gain by stretches pull ups high protein intake Recently turned 19 btw

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 7

Is this Pajeet natty? He won Jeet Salal's 'natural' bodybuilding show in classic division.

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If any of you retards tend to chew only from one side, change that habit ASAP And yes you should chew a lot Now the left side of my face looks good w/jawline n shit but th right side looks droopy and i have a weird bite. I am going to chew only from the right side of my mouth for a few years hopefully that will reverse the damage. Pic not related.

R: 37 / I: 5 / P: 8

/looksmaxx socialmaxx stoodymaxx thread /

Thread 'Guide on achieving model tier skin' Thread 'Collagen Maxxing: The Evidence-Based Guide' Thread 'Phenotype Looksmaxxing Guide: The Forgotten Fundamental Looksmax' Thread 'Eyebrow Looksmaxxing Guide: An Important Pillar To Your Eye Area' Thread 'Ultimate Coloring Guide' Thread 'Hair Looksmaxxing Guide: Good Hair EQUALS Good Life' Thread 'Fashion, Fragrance, Grooming & Accessories Looksmaxxing Guide: The Quaternity of Style' Thread 'The Ultimate Guide To Fragrance and Pheromones' Thread 'Sexual Market Value (SMV) For Men: What Women Look For In a Man That Makes Their Pussy Wet(Hookups)' Thread 'Complete guide to thinking [MEGAGUIDE]' Thread 'Low Inhibition Maxing (social anxiety cels GTFIH)' Thread 'Sexmaxing : SWALLOW THE SEXPILL: How to become a SEX GOD and get girls addicted to you' Thread 'MEWING GUIDE (DETAILED)' Thread 'Ultimate voicemaxxing guide' Thread 'IQmaxxing and skillmaxing' Thread 'Skincare Guide' Thread 'Frame: male vs female' Thread 'Skin Coloring Maxing, How to get ideal Golden Caramel Glow' Thread 'Collagen maxing guide' Thread 'HOW TO GET LAID AS A TEENAGER {INSTAGRAM MAXXING GUIDE}' Thread 'SEX APPEAL MAXXING {Official Guide}' Thread 'How to escape THE infamous Currytax aka “South Asian stereotypes” (Westernized CURRIES GTFIN):' Thread 'Magic Mushroom Maxxing Guide - How to Kill Inhibition and Depression.' Thread 'A Guide to Phenotypes' Thread 'How to get top grades and barely study HIGH IQ GTFIH' Thread '(Collaborative&Research&Guide) Framemaxxing; Clavicles,Ribcage,Shoulders' Thread 'Redlight therapy is legit Everyone GTFIH'

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How to cure my anterior pelvic tilt and forward head?

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 8

How do i quit porn? Pic unrelated

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 8

One day I will make it bros

One day......

R: 18 / I: 3 / P: 8

yaar mera underarm stinks bad while sweating. there are white coloured substance on my underarm hairs. even after bathing properly that thing doesnt go. :(

R: 24 / I: 1 / P: 8

what is the cure for Common Cold?

been suffering from Cold all day today. nose is blocked. it fucking sucks

R: 30 / I: 4 / P: 8

Have not taken a shit for 2 days. My stomach feels full but unable to develop pressure needed to shit. Is this a serious problem bros? Gharelu nuskhe batao

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Aaj sandhya ko main bournvita mein expired ashwagandha mila ke consume kiya. Tab se constipation ho raha hai. Is it related?

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Mat thread

How to choose the right mat? >i've never used one before, outside of a gym, so i don't know the good the bad and the ugly of it >from what i've found so far there are 2 varieties - 6ft x 2x and 8ft x 6ft >i think 6ft x 2ft is too tiny and 8ft x 6ft will be too big >other than that there are thickness varieties as well 6mm, 8mm, 9mm etc. >don't know much about material varieties but they all seem to be rubbery >price wise I see that they range from around 400 to 1800 price is secondary to me, all i want is the product should not be throwaway. any tips and recommendations from personal uses from you guys? anything goes.

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Is there a self-improovment website like this but without the Christcuckery?

R: 21 / I: 1 / P: 9

What is the solution to male pattern hairloss i am 24 (almost 25) and loosing my hair fast. It usually thins out and then starts to fall. I researched online and found finasteride and minoxidil as the only solution to this. Can any anon here tell me if they have tried finasteride and the possible side effects of it should I start taking it right away or consult some doctor?

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Is measuring your height from a metal measuring tape is different from the way they do in hospitals?

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 9

I feel like my legs have become skinnier ever since i started doing body weight squats 2x50. Is it just me or my body dysmorphia? I see clear difference in mass.

R: 12 / I: 1 / P: 9

Where to purchase ashwagandha from? Amazon or local medical shop? Also what brand? And doses? Your experience with ashwagandha?