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(148.00 KB 1262x805 chadyes.jpg)
Self-improvement resources Admin Board owner 04/11/2022 (Mon) 05:42:45 ID:6e400b No. 4 [Reply]
https://mega.nz/folder/7YgSERbY#1-mA0MFfkZp2xNghYOFxAQ This MEGA folder contains the following topics: * Weightlifting routines * Calisthenics routines * Yoga and meditation * Diet and nutrition
>>4 Based

(37.05 KB 337x337 FKgFDXgUYBc9zPI.jpg)
How to regain masculine energy losed throug masturbation during my teenage Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 09:25:13 ID:3e7048 No. 2395 [Reply]

(232.73 KB 302x530 tren.png)
Anon 09/08/2022 (Thu) 13:28:26 ID:4809aa No. 2157 [Reply]
Mera bulk chal raha hai fir bhi mere forearms jyada vascular kyu ho rahe hai? Is it because of more cardio? I walk around a lot nowadays.
>>2157 Bhai tu rope kar ye bulk culk se kuch nahi hotta
>>2158 Post body then, mAInGaInInG faggot.
>>2157 kahan se liya? apna state bata and price
(525.77 KB 1065x991 aputren.jpeg)
(387.33 KB 2336x1326 test e.jpg)
>>2392 Just got the pics from the internet. You can buy it from Indiamart. https://www.indiamart.com/proddetail/tren-e-200-mg-injection-22696536933.html
>>2393 Don't know if you can trust the labs tho, it might be chinese bath tub chemical at the end of the day.

(24.88 KB 640x480 images.png)
Anon 09/23/2022 (Fri) 11:36:11 ID:62e4de No. 2284 [Reply]
Is there anyone who overcame his procrastination habit and got rid of dopamine addiction? If yes, then please help me yaar. I also have dopamine addiction and procrastination habit
>>2284 Which type of dopamine addiction?
>>2285 What are the types now?
(25.12 KB 554x554 images (5).jpeg)
>>2284 >dopamine addiction Accha
>>2284 Sidha sidha bol na ki Mutt ( masturbation) and porn addiction and gaymming addiction And din bhar social media mein gaand marata hu
>>2389 Yeah true now tell me upay pyaare

(2.19 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20220906_125323.jpg)
Yaaro do i have tinnitus? general dong 09/25/2022 (Sun) 15:22:30 ID:6904c8 No. 2386 [Reply]
I go to coaching ehere they use speakers to convey sound across the big rooms, i feel that the loud voice exposure for 6 hours constantly is affecting my hearing When i concentrate i can hear a very weak ringing sound , when i press my tongue on tge pallete with much force the ringing sound increases for a moment and same for when i clench my jaw Sometimes , randomly ( once every 3 days or so) i hear a ringing voice for just 3-4 seconds Should i wear earplugs in the coaching class?
>>2386 I have same similar experience. Now I feel intolerant whenever I hear loud noices. My middle ear muscle vibrates whenever I hear some high frequency sounds( temple bell, when my mom shouts at me, during long phone call, shower and rain sound). This condition is called hyperacusis, this condition will start to appear with person suffering from tinnitus after few weeks. Unfortunately there isnt cure for this.

(24.29 KB 620x450 images (5).jpeg)
Anon 09/24/2022 (Sat) 15:33:17 ID:296225 No. 2343 [Reply]
My penis size is only 12cm max which is 4.7 inch. Is there any upay I can make my penis at least 5.5inch? Girth is good tho
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>>2373 this. if it's lost in the jungle then over. shave and you'll feel better.
It's over. And no it's not possible to increase it.
>>2343 >>2345 Unironically speaking 12/13 cm is quite small(by zoomer standard).
>>2380 >Unironically speaking 12/13 cm is quite small(by zoomer standard). by all standard retard, i was 5inch+ when i was a teenager
>>2343 Bhai meri lund to 4 inch hai bas

(16.92 KB 231x500 zyzzlewd.jpg)
Anon 09/19/2022 (Mon) 10:17:54 ID:24f809 No. 2247 [Reply]
I lift so that one day if my nude video or a sex tape ever leaks out I wouldn't have to feel embarrassed because I know that I look aesthetic as fuck.
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>>2301 Ok faggot if bitches love seeing you getting assfucked by a dog I am sure you would do it too
>>2303 Cope more skinny fat pajeet >>2302 This
>>2304 The one who is skinny fat is you with a bubbly gaand you dumb faggot chakka hijde kinner ke pille hope teri maa marjaye chamar
>>2382 Imagine seething so much over the simple truth that women prefer ass too. Nice way of outing yourself that you do not lift weights, faggot. https://betterbuttchallenge.com/do-women-like-mens-butts-silly-question/
>>2383 Cope kar pajeet women ko agar teri randi maa ko merse rape karvana pasand hoga to Tu wo bhi karvayega I am sure jaake women ki gaand mein muh maar choti lulli ke chakke randike

(33.93 KB 618x496 images (7).png)
Anon 09/18/2022 (Sun) 17:30:08 ID:f1d19d No. 2240 [Reply]
Anyone here on finasteride seen any substantial growth? Any side effects? I am on 1mg every other day but not seen any substantial growth just overall halting in hairfall which was aggressive a few months back. For me I haven't seen any major side effects other than a little pain in balls which occurs occasionally and no morning boner.
>>2240 How old are you?
>>2240 You are 18+ right ?
>>2243 Okay have a gf or married or nothing.
>>2240 Finasteride isn't supposed to induce hair growth, for that you'll have to use minoxidil. Finasteride just stops hairfall.

Help dosto Anon 09/23/2022 (Fri) 15:38:58 ID:fd3896 No. 2283 [Reply]
Guys I am forced breathing that is heavy breathing is happening to me Iska kya illaj hai pyaaro???? The anxiety is real :(
Start walking up early in morning and do pranayam like kapalbhaati and anlomilom.

Anon 09/23/2022 (Fri) 06:57:10 ID:db09c3 No. 2287 [Reply]
How to stop addiction of visting different forums and be productive
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>>2287 Try nofap(hamesha ke liye nhi week me 1-2 din gold zone hai) start talking with strangers Make friends Talk to them Keep yourself busy in daily activities and self improvement Try to improve aur hygiene and fitness Join a gym Do a part time job for gym expenses Make friend at gym Aur agr nhi kr sakta toh train je saamne kud jaa. Apne aap ko fansi laga le . Tere neck ke left side me ek nas hoti jo brain me blood pohochati hai. Himmat kr aur kaat de bina dard ke kaam ho jyaega(cut excluded) aesa lagega jaise so gya. 2 hajaar ka koi pre-workout manga. Aur aadha dibbe ka shake bana ke pee ja. 6th + floor se kood jaa sir ke bal.
>>2293 bada hi generalised based upaay bataya hai thanks
>>2294 tu hrjagah aajata koi aur vpn use karna mai porn post kark ban hochuka hun baaki vpns se
>>2295 Joining gym and start talking to girls Is the first and most important part of improvement for peoples like you. I have been one. It took me only 1 year. I am just better at it. Baakiyo ko kai saal lagte hai. Jitna jaldi ho sake shuru kr.
>>2298 lol already gymmaxxed hu mai t. NEET gymcel