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Anon 07/28/2022 (Thu) 18:30:36 ID:1fd812 No. 1607
Behenchod gym mai gaya tha aaj peheli bar bohot awkward lag raha tha bakio ( 1 banda) ke sath workout karte hue,is it normal to have anxiety on day 1 :/
>>1607 only understood the last few words yeah it's fine nobody is judging you it's okay to feel awkward trying new things, that's part of the fun have fun and bee urself anon
>>1609 hoping to make a few gymbros soon
>>1607 kisi ko farak nahi padta tum special nahi ho gym mein pesa dia bas baap k ghar ki tarah ghus aur sabko apne bhai ki tarah treat kar
>>1607 I posted a similar thread last year only first day as well.
Your age? Height?
Anon no one cares about you or is looking at you, all of them are there to do their own workout. It's only weird if you make it weird.
>>1607 I literally made this very same thread last year. Don't worry anon, nobody cares. If you need help, just ask the trainers or any jacked guys around.