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Anon 08/26/2022 (Fri) 12:50:41 ID:d54fc1 No. 2012
Poojeets should learn something from blackbros. I thought the entire 'n1ggers are physically superior' is a meme until I saw blacks in my kallej. Majority of the guys look fit and taller than the average skinny fat pajeet, they are lanky at their worst. Literally saw a roided black dude in my mess today. Fucker had bulging veins everywhere and his muscles looked way too full, plus he was with another bunch of jacked black dudes but they didn't look juiced. Is bringing steroids from Africa to Lundia even possible? Or do these people have local contact/suppliers?
>>2012 Fuck Nigggers. coons are always inferior, fuck off
(68.73 KB 1024x576 cU5QxdJh.jpg)
>>2012 Which kalej do you find nigqers?
>>2012 Roids can cause problems
>>2022 Not gonna name it but mine has plenty >>2023 Never said it didn't, was just surprised. >>2021 African blacks and African American blacks are different.
>>2022 ik there are some coons in Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat.
>>2012 I thought you can get roids pretty easily in India? Some pharmacies offer Deca OTC, I read somewhere. Also >Is bringing steroids from Africa to Lundia even possible? It's very possible.
>>2209 >>2209 Yeah you get Deca and Test E in Apollo
Poojeets will never progress because of our shitty diet.
>>2210 LMFAO they offer full cycles - https://www.apollopharmacy.in/medicine/sustanon-250mg-injection You'd need multiple, but still. The price is pretty good and it's pharma quality. Don't roid OP, but India ahs some very good options imo if you're going that route.
>>2228 Judging by Apollo, you can run a Deca-Test cycle fully legal in India. It's pricey for India but by Canadian prices it's reasonable. You'd probably run something like 100mg Test and 200mg Deca per week for a beginner cycle. Roidheads would say that's not enough but 100mg is the high end of TRT and 200mg Deca is on the lower side.
>>2229 >300 rupees >pricey
>>2032 sharda mai padhta hai na tu chamar
>>2246 Thats per week you tard plus deca.
>>2246 actually you're right its still cheap