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Hygiene problems ! 08/26/2022 (Fri) 17:03:21 ID:c3b533 No. 2033
Is removing hand hairs are gay? Or look bad ? Difficult to wash proper hand hairs ... they always smell 🤧
>>2033 Should i shave?
>>2033 >>2034 Clippers ya trimmer se sahi karlo agar bhalu jaisa haal hai tho
kerosene daal ke jala de baal
Hand hairs don't smell. Naha liya kar chamar. Air nahate waqt hath bhi dhole.
>>2033 If you’re going to remove hairs from different areas, wax it so eventually it’ll stop growing back and thin out in that area. Chest and back hair aren’t a bad deal unless you’re a total yeti/Bigfoot looking dude. In that case, I’d make sure to trim it. Always take care of your pubs hair. Don’t shave that shit, but keep it trimmed. No girl wants to suck some dudes dick and get an impossible mouthful of pubic hair. In general though, be proud of your hair, it’s a sign of your testosterone. Just keep it reasonable, one doesn’t want to look like a caveman.
(768.14 KB 1019x564 Screenshot 2022-08-26 230032.png)
>>2033 how many other anons out here bhalumaxxing
>>2033 Bleach them. They become invisible
>>2039 i stopped and took the trimmerpill pyaare anon. body odor was getting out of my hands.
>>2033 no it isnt gay nor does it look bad. just trim or wax. i personally trim everything i can other than scalp and facial hair. do not shave otherwise hair will start growing back faster and thicker. >>2040 body odor will still remain
>>2039 Hello ghaziabadi
>>2045 mai ghaziabadi nahi hu pyyare
(2.30 MB 2136x4505 Cucktree.jpg)
>>2039 You need your hairy cock getting strocked by my femboy hands
>>2147 thats not khatri right ?