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Anon 09/02/2022 (Fri) 18:35:47 ID:b7bf18 No. 2107
Vedic way of de-tan?
>>2107 My father is literally cum skinned from neck to toe. But has a (BTW I am a nigger) face. How is such big difference possible?
>>2107 apply semen
>>2107 I have similar hands bro but kam hairy hu
>>2107 Btw when i was in lockdown it became like cumskinned
>>2108 hyperpigmentation
>>2112 Solution
(87.77 KB 1500x1500 61jcR6vGQ4L._SL1500_.jpg)
>>2107 Isse skin chheel le, Jo nayi aayegi woh untanned hogi
>>2114 Solution to black lips
>>2112 Hyperpigmentation to sirf ek spot pr hoti hai, how is it possible for whole face yaar?
>>2107 Vedic only tan faggot .Only chamars detan.
>>2107 suicide and punar janam
>>2107 rope and reroll as White
>>2107 lift weights
Why tf do you wanna detan? Tan makes you look manly.
Multani mitti works for face, not sure about other parts
>>2117 >>2122 True that. Mainey aaj hee Sunbath liya. Also sunned my genitals(aisey hee mazaa ayaa toh kar diya)
>>2137 Bhangi kahin ka
Bump, gora ban na hai
>>2123 This is the only way
>>2263 really ?