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My curly hairs ! 09/04/2022 (Sun) 09:15:31 ID:8387d5 No. 2129
My annon friends what should I apply to do my hair silky smooth...please suggest one affordable product pleaseeeeeeeeeešŸ™
>>2129 Looks ok.
>>2130 Jab sukh jate hai to bade gande lagte ...esa kuch batao yrr jisse pure din silky rehe ....mere hair bhout thin hai
>>2129 ask grills around you
>>2131 Loreal ka leave in conditioner try kar, mere liye to wahi Kam karta hai (wavy hair, not straight)
>>2129 Naariyal tel. Unironically good for your hair. But don't overuse it. And also know what parts to apply. Because no matter what product, it will make your hair dense and make it lie flat due to gravity. Curly hair has lot of volume but any product you use will make it lie down and weird places.
>>2133 Bro my hair is thin, hard and curly is loreal good for my type? >>2134 Mom said your hair is not dences ...currently i am using sArso tel but problem is that makes my hair so hard ... I want curly waving hair like you see some in movies
>>2129 Use aloevera