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Anon 09/08/2022 (Thu) 08:35:09 ID:cf8ea7 No. 2161
Is Hairfall caused by Masturbation? I still have alot of hair and is not bald in any way but my hair falls alot. Also my hairs grow back much faster.
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>>2161 imagine the smell yaar
(128.03 KB 608x1080 Modi Ji Bhen ke Lode meme.mp4)
>>2161 No. But it could be correlated. Excessive masturbation is either an addiction or a coping mechanism. Both of which show that you are already stressed out. Stress is what causes hairfall. I used to have long hair and then I started noticing heavy hairfall. I'd lose 60-80 hair everyday (yes i counted them) but I copied so hard because google says 100 hairfall a day is totally normal (it's not). But then the only option was to buzz my hair and remove all my focus from it. Ever since hairfall has almost disappeared (i only see about 6-10 hairs fall these days). The best advice would be to shift all your attention away from it and let your most do your thing.
>>2164 It will come back
>>2164 >>2161 Update: Now I know why my hair is falling, after thinking about it, I think due my fucked up sleeping schedule my hair is falling. I use phone all night and sleeps in the morning. I have to change this i guess.
>>2167 Imagine the Smell
>>2161 Yes, ever since i stopped fapping my hair has become more thick and don't fall at all.
lick lick yumm