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Anon 09/12/2022 (Mon) 12:19:16 ID:0c6017 No. 2201
I skip lunch and have this as breakfast most of the time. How unhealthy is it?
>>2201 a veg diet is already lacking some areas,and replacing it with this is doom to get you in hospital in couple of weeks
>>2202 *lacking in some areas
>>2201 Okay if you compensate with some good food for dinner
>>2201 Yaar 1 litre dpddh pile bina cheene daale Pet bhi bhara rahega or accha hai ye biscuit bekar cheez hai
>>2201 Depends. If you are on a diet or something, you are probably fat and have enough fat reserves to go on for a few months. However if you are not then its bad. Also, people for centuries mostly only ate heavily evening, three times meal is a more recent phenomenon.
>>2201 I eat that 2 times a day with 1 proper meal. My sleep schedule has been fixed ever since