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Please help me fitchads Anon 09/13/2022 (Tue) 21:06:23 ID:a803bb No. 2219
Suggest no equipment android app that will guide me with doing weight loss exercise. Dont know how I became so fat in 3 months. I was skinny fat.
>app Retardjeet moment Find a good diet/exercise plan and stick to it. App ke chakkar me na pad
>>2220 Cant go to gym and no equipment, I'll need something to refer for performing exercises.
>>2219 >weight loss exercise Acha. Tum na anon bhot saari abs exercise karo aur pet bhar k khaana khao varna fat k saath muscle loss ho jaega.
>>2223 Just google basic calisthenics and watch their youtube videos. How hard is that?
>>2219 Pushups, squats and jumping jacks You can get a pullup bar that hangs on your door for cheap, and portable dip bars are reasonably priced.
>>2225 Calisthenics is scam yaar
>>2255 how so? >>2219 surya namaskar + cardio is the way to go
>>2219 Myfitpal or something