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(16.92 KB 231x500 zyzzlewd.jpg)
Anon 09/19/2022 (Mon) 10:17:54 ID:24f809 No. 2247
I lift so that one day if my nude video or a sex tape ever leaks out I wouldn't have to feel embarrassed because I know that I look aesthetic as fuck.
>>2247 picrel?
>>2248 kekek
>>2248 File name pad gaandu
>>2248 body itni badi aur ling itna sa it's over for you
>>2251 >>2251 He is flacid there, retard.
>>2247 Old inCH chad
(26.32 KB 222x148 backback.jpg)
(24.60 KB 211x142 swordonshoulder.jpg)
>>2247 Me too however I'm just a newbie.
>>2279 >>2279 Squat more, you got a flat ass.
>>2280 And? He's not a gay chakka hijda.
>>2280 >>2281 >He's not a gay chakka hijda. THIS
>>2281 >>2282 Bitches love ass on a fit guy, seethe more hank hills.
>>2301 This girls love glutes I have seen them talk about cute butts
>>2301 Ok faggot if bitches love seeing you getting assfucked by a dog I am sure you would do it too
>>2303 Cope more skinny fat pajeet >>2302 This
>>2304 The one who is skinny fat is you with a bubbly gaand you dumb faggot chakka hijde kinner ke pille hope teri maa marjaye chamar
>>2382 Imagine seething so much over the simple truth that women prefer ass too. Nice way of outing yourself that you do not lift weights, faggot. https://betterbuttchallenge.com/do-women-like-mens-butts-silly-question/
>>2383 Cope kar pajeet women ko agar teri randi maa ko merse rape karvana pasand hoga to Tu wo bhi karvayega I am sure jaake women ki gaand mein muh maar choti lulli ke chakke randike