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(59.76 KB 500x469 deadlift-delavier.jpg)
Anon 10/03/2022 (Mon) 15:25:04 ID:57d4bb No. 2458
how much do you deadlift? my PR is 75kgs (1x body weight) goal is to train 3xBW
>>2458 I only do surya namaskar
>>2458 I do running and Yoga
>>2458 yeah i lift lotta dead bodies after killing them
>>2458 110kgs at 62kgs bw. Only 1-2 reps on a good day lol. An year ago I was 25kgs lol.
>>2483 Was at*
>>2483 Can sumo 120-130kgs prolly but fuck that lame ass lift.
(6.25 KB 156x200 images (1) (7).jpeg)
>>2458 3x8 90kg. Beginner goal of 4pl8 Last time 1RM kiya tha for 105kg
>>2458 just deadlifted after 6 months 150kgx5 reps t. NEETfag Gymcel
>>2488 just matlab pichle hafte
>>2488 Post lower back pyaare
>>2488 Bodyweight bata. Not a biggie if you are a fat fuck who weights 100kgs.
>>2458 225 kgs as of now, one rep max.
>>2491 85 kgs >>2493 damn
I am so weak that it takes me good amount of effort to lift a foldable stduy table from one room to another
>>2494 bf>20% confirmed
>>2493 Are you that anon who was in old inch /yoga/ who once posted his back and claimed to OHP 100kgs? Seeing the quality of fitness advise given on this chan, it's really hard to believe someone deadlifts 5pl8s here.
>>2499 nope height is 182 cm and my reach is 192cm pretty lanky built
>>2500 100kgs OHP wow that is super rare rarer than 5 plate deadlift tbh I kneel if it is not a larp
>>2502 and long arms help in deadlift which is why I dont do them anymore because it doesnt build that much muscle but it is still my favourite exercise will try breaking 200kgs by the end of the year if I stop being a NEET or kms if I am still a NEET
>>2458 I am a boomer yaaro hope you all zoomers get 200kgs deadlift in 2 years just keep increasing the weight slowly and dont ego lift if some of you have consistent lower back pain switch it for romanian deadlift amazing exercise
>>2503 Yeah he once posted a pic of his back once, look absolutely yoked. Claimed to have been lifting for half a decade.
>>2500 No. my ohp is 85 kgs.
>>2535 height? weight? other stats like bench? squat?
>>2535 btw I kneel
>>2458 My bodyweight around 65. Deadlift 140kg. Me squats were 120 tho
>>2544 6'3 85 kgs 115 kg bench, 165 kg squat
>>2545 Thank you, we're all gonna make it fren.
>>2557 >>2558 kino stats yaaro age? kitne saal se gym karrha?
>>2559 21 Have been lifting for nearly 2 years
bw 78 deadlift 122.5kg
>>2458 All DLfaggers here will have a herniated disk , DL are useless , risk/reward is too high
Never tried 1rm. Did 3 stets of 10 reps at 70kg last month. Body weight 79kg
>>3084 You should do Romanian deadlifts if you're gonna stick to 3x10 rep range. It's better for hypertrophy.
>>3086 Never tried it before will check it out on leg day.
>>2458 deadlift update inchads?
>>3483 started 1 month ago, did 50kg 12reps yesterday body weight: 70kg
I deadlift about 390 pounds rn, which is about 177 kilograms. been training for 3 and a half years, not natty
(7.38 KB 225x224 laugh.jpg)
>>3702 Literal roidtrannies lifting barely 4 plates on Indiachan lol absolute state. I am lifting 2yrs less than you as a lean natty yet already am at 140kg, how does that make you feel?