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Anon 10/23/2022 (Sun) 18:44:39 ID:74cb70 No. 2686
I have 5'9 height and usually gets mogged by zoomerbhangis where I live even sometimes girls come close to my height. Does improving neck posture and spinal posture helps in increasing some height? Should I start gymaxxing. I feel really small in front of someone taller than me
>>2686 Improve your posture. Quite some videos to improve neck posture, back etc. And yes start working out, improve diet and don't give a fuck about those bhangis and rendis cause you are going to improve yourself. In a year or so none of these retards will even try to think of messing with you
>Mogged by zoomers you are not 5'9.
>>2686 If you feel small and scrawny then bulking and framemaxxing is the only way as long as you do not get fat. I am 5'7 but I rarely feel small these days even around half a foot taller guys than me. But the moment I see a rare 6'3 jacked chadpreet at the gym or in public I feel like roping.
>>2849 >>2851 I just measured my height and I am 5'9.5
>>2852 176-177cm is decent height even by zoomer standards. Build muscle, you can easily mog.