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Pyaare anons Anon 11/13/2022 (Sun) 07:20:10 ID:592b05 No. 2746
I am balding at 23 what are my options ? > get a crew cut/ buzz cut > shave it all off(but I can't grow a proper beard) > get a hair transplant(which I can never afford) > start using finasteride(but It has side effects and I can't get it without prescription) > ROPE
>>2746 Post pic
>>2746 Be a man and embrace it. Don't let it affect anything. Falling hair teaches you a lesson in letting go. Hair will not change anything in your life. All the commercials talking about how hair impacts personality is a con to sell their products. In this modern world hair is not a necessary accessory. Buzz it completely and do better in other aspects of your life. Do not let something as simple as hairloss affect your psyche.
>>2746 Minoxidil+microneedling, has no known side effects.
>>2750 Wtf, tell me that's edited.
(239.93 KB 512x512 its over.png)
>>2749 I use minox.It has benefited me but, since last two months I again started losing hair. I think I also need to start microneedling
>>2752 Please aisa mat bolo pyare anon 😢😢😢
>>2751 What was in the pic?
>>2753 Don't buy the ones with 540 needles they're useless, use the 1.5mm 192 needles dermarollers once a week.
>>2756 OK
Beard gym best try
tou better start getting buff lmao
>>2746 here is me using fin since i was 17 and now 18 and hairloss has stabilized even regrew some at the hairline, keep being pussies
>>2760 Good for you but if you have experienced a noticeable loss of libido, I'd suggest stopping now while there's still time. If you don't then continue using it.
>>2746 >>2761 nah 0 sidefeccts, im just too lazy to start min otherwise id have been a nw1 not a nw2 rn
>>2760 Where can I get fin. do I need to have doctor prescription?
>>2763 koi bhi medical store jaa and "finalo" ya "finax" dene bol koi prescription nahi maangta
>>2764 Apollo pharmacy etc types pe milega ya badi vali pe? (I have no idea)
>>2760 Even I started losing hair at 17.I started using minox 2 years back. I didn't grew any new hair but hairloss had stopped .but since last two months I again started losing hair .I wanted to use fin but I don't know where to get it
>>2765 yeap, mai apollo se hi leta hu .t tier 2 city
>>2759 >you better start getting buff wageslaves like me don't have that much time to go to gym
>>2767 Topical fin or tablets?
>>2769 finalo 1mg tablets
>>2769 Tablets + minox + micro needling asap
>>2769 you can also use lonitab 2.5mg(oral minoxidil) along with fin 1mg, its the best thing we have rn in terms of hair regrowth
>>2770 post what the box/packaging looks like
>>2773 so i know i am taking the correct one
(2.95 MB 4000x3000 Fin.jpg)
>>2770 Yes please. Post the packaging and also should I take daily 1 tablet?
>>2777 yea 1 tab a day at any fixed time
>>2770 >>2772 how many times do you intake everyday?
>>2779 1 tab a day, at a fixed time, nothing else, i haevnt started lonitab yet
>>2776 thanks mate i will try this i was worried i might go completely bald before hitting 30s >>2780 is it okay to take both at the same time?
>>2746 >>2781 Yeah dono same time pe le sakte hain, although i would suggest abhi sirf fin try karo next 8months tak, agar results satisfactory nahi laga then start lonitab
>>2782 alright thanks again
>>2782 >>2780 >>2782 Thanks anon. Will buy finalo at the pharmacy today. I already use topical minoxidil. I'll also order a 1.5mm 192 needle dermaroller
>>2746 >taking pills to keep hair lol. I was like you few years ago. But I have accepted my faith and decided not to fuck with my body hormones. Ayurveda ftw.
>>2785 Acha
>>2784 How do you recognise balding? I'm having less hair growth since few months but I don't know about balding. As for my brother he was losing hair rapidly you could literally see it. My mother doesn't believe in english medications only Desi Nushka so she massaged him daily with neem oil and several other herbal products and his condition is much better now
>>2787 if you can see your scalp, when you stand under light, you arre balding
>>2776 Anon, did you feel loss in libido? I have been taking finalo 1mg every other day for almost 4 months now and i feel loss in libido. What should I do?
>>2789 Checked. Refer to >>2761
>>2790 how do you notice there is a loss in libido?
>>2791 When you can follow nofap for more than 5 days
>>2792 any effect on staying hard? or cant ejaculate
>>2746 Get a buzz cut and eventually shave it all off. Be confident and don't loathe about it. Any treatment you take will require you to be on it for lifetime, varna you'll be balding again; unless it's hair transplant.
>>2794 +1. I have the same plan. I'm not going to ruin my body with external chemicals for just some hair
>>2746 Find a girl who accepst you for who you are