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(30.75 KB 480x454 scared_pepe.jpg)
Is It normal ? (please tell me it is) Anon 11/15/2022 (Tue) 17:25:45 ID:d9eff8 No. 2799
Guys I am shit scared. It's been two days since I have had an erection, is it normal. I am 23 yrs old, virgin. normally I wake up with a morning wood every day. but It has not been the case from past two days. I was reading online about it and it shows may be these are the early signs of erectile dysfunction. but I don't wanna believe it. I mean I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. do any of you guys have no erection for some days >
>>2799 Stop using too much internet. Drink more water. Eat healthy. Exercise. If possible take Shilajit or Ashwagandha.
>>2800 maybe I am thinking about it too much. that is why I might not be able to have erections. normally I get erections easily. but now I might be taking lot of stress by thinking about it too much
>>2801 Staph sittin/sleeping g all day it makes pelvic floor weak making erections weaker and sheit. Exercise and eat well and staph porn too. Limit coomin too.
it's over. take sanyaas and move to jungle.
>>2802 It's been a month since I have watched any porn. I don't even think about sex > Exercise I walk almost 5 kms everyday
>>2804 Abe chamar itna mat soch
>>2799 just watch sunny leone naked yaar your problem will be solved in seconds... inshallah thank me later
>>2806 Im scared. even after watching porn If I can't get it up. then it will be over for me. That is why I am avoiding watching porn
>>2807 well you will have to face up to reality someday anon so better early than never just give it a try
if sunny pics dont work try another randi
>>2808 >>2809 tried watching melanie hicks step daughter porn. It's getting up but not as harder as before . may be due to stress
(13.72 KB 261x450 rashmika-1.jpg)
your brain must have low cortisol levels for proper erections the more you stress the more cortisol develops >Cortisol constricts the blood vessels in your penis. When blood can't flow properly to your penis, that's when you may have difficulty achieving an erection. Over time, chronic stress (chronically high cortisol levels) decreases the amount of testosterone your body makes. >Cortisol also inhibits testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, which is responsible for sex drive (libido) and might contribute to the blood flow changes that cause an erection. >do any of you guys have no erection for some days i dont have erection for weeks some times
>>2810 You need dopamine detox. Even after watching regular porn you don't get that hard erection then you will have to substitute it with more hardcore, rough porn, to say it mildly someday you will end up watching rape videos. It better to quit porn right way and get your act together
>>2811 Why is Samantha getting so popular on InCh