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Anon 11/21/2022 (Mon) 14:57:42 ID:e9a4f4 No. 2824
A guy at my gym can deadlift 280kg natty with bw of 87kg. He's also an iitian. Also gave upsc mains this year. For diet he eat only vegetarian food. And does yoga and pranayam daily. Bc kese possible h ye.
>>2824 Acha
Good for him yaara
>>2824 Must be a sumofag and probably roiding
>>2827 Bhosdike sump aur conventional me koi farak nhi hota. Don't believe on memes.
>>2828 This guy isn't iitian
>>2829 DYEL spotted. Keep seething >>2830 Doesn't matter, anyone can get into strength training. I wonder if that IITian bhangi knows the difference between sumo and conventional while you're here misrepresenting him.
>>2829 I also used to believe that until I switched to conventional. Sumo is a fucking garbage meme. You get to lift heavier but tf is the point if you are making barely any gains. Plus it looks so fucking retarded.
(134.23 KB 958x1280 IMG_20211203_003318_373.jpg)
>>2832 Sumo chad here. 260kg for 5 reps. Btw I do semi sumo stance. It keeps me injury free.
>>2833 Is your Dick still working?
>>2834 Couldn't you tell when last night your mom had a good time.
>>2834 I'm natty btw. Started in 2013
>>2833 Nice bod bud if that's really you. What's you OHP, Bench and Squat?
>>2837 Started with weightlifting so my bench sucked in beginning. All time max are 100/155for 2 reps/220 for 2 reps /260for 5
>>2838 KG mai bata na lawde
>>2839 Bc kese chamar h yha.. Bhdwe kg hi h.. Nri nhi hu m
>>2824 agar itna karsakta hai toh ye national level hai uski weight category ka proof do varna larp
>>2833 >>2838 inch pe literal powerlifting chads hai whats you height weight age any proof that you are not a larp?
>>2841 Bc m iss chappal repair forum pe apni identity to reveal nhi krne wala. Aur rhi baat national ki th mene khela hua hai. But there I didn't lift much because of back injury. Ab itna mann nhi krta ye sab krne ka.. Planning to join any combat sport par kafi costly h. Maybe job ke baad kru
>>2842 I'm 26. Current weight is around 82. Height is 5'11. Aajkal har mohalle me national champion mil jata h powerlifting ka. Khud ki federation bnwao Or apas me medal baat lo
>>2844 Serious question. What is your bodycount? Wanna know if the gymcel meme is true thing or not in Lundia?
>>2845 Yrr body se confidence aata hai thda Or jada kch farak nhi pdta. Face and skin color>height>money>body. I think the only reason I get attention from girls is because I'm good looking (fair skin, dimples, big eyes, square jaw). And ha agar bilkul ripped body bhi leke tatti si shakal h th kch nhi hone wala. You might get some bottom tier whores but that's it. Baki what I've observed ki trend thda change ho rha h bcz of social media. Ladki ajkal ekdum slut mode me chal rhi h. And for my body count it's 10+ if you include make out it's 25+
Its possible because of brahmacharya
>>2847 This. Brahmacharya is underrated. If done properly with ayurvedic diet and herbs it can literally make you superhuman.
He's secretly superman