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Tamil Lund 02/28/2023 (Tue) 12:56:14 ID:bb511a No. 3581
This slum guy literally has nothing but still body mogs all of us here. He is so dedicated to fitness yet he build his own equipment with sticks. we are too lazy to create something like that. Imagine if this guy had money to go to gym.
>>3581 This guy is an inspiration for me
>>3581 Hes atheltic and very low skinfat. Whats so impressive? Nobody likes this skinny shred. I would look like him if i exercised intensely. >inb4 kabhi weight bhi uthaya hai Ex-gymfag hu mai.
>>3583 That kind of physique itself difficult when you are poor. Yes he has overdone some exercises to the point he lost his fat too much and you can see his veins. But this guy is better than some skinny people
(52.88 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>3581 Bhai, don't trust these internet charlatans totally. It's like those African bodybuilders on gear who claim that they built their bodies using rock plates and shit. These fuckers might be going to gyms every day and then LARP as poorfags for clout.
>>3584 Absolute niigger. This type of physique is the only one poor can have.
>>3585 Isse yaad aya. Mere purane gym literal 2 kabadi wale aaye the 2 week.
>>3581 Pretty sure he has a big dick and will soon be uploading videos on xvideos, yum yum
>>3581 They go to the gym and eat protein. They just Larp as PoorFags.
>>3585 Imagine their bbcs yaar
>>3585 Abs kino
(40.59 KB 563x476 apu_vadakayil.jpeg)
>>3585 THIS.
Can't take the chamaarness out of the chamaar
>>3581 What is the name of the song in this video?
>>3581 >>3585 Rs.300 per month chappri gym goer