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MEERUTHIYA PUN JABI 03/18/2023 (Sat) 02:40:34 ID:9e9357 No. 3707
If you are not eboymaxxxing you are not even trying >pic rel is another punjabi chad
>>3707 I have crooked yellow teeth, tar black skin, non existent jaw, acne filled cheeks and forehead, semi white hair on an semi bald head, 5'4 height, noodle arms, potbelly, bone density illnesses because of which i can't lift weights. It's absolutely brootally over for me. No maxxing can save me
>>3708 Brvtal Rope asap and religionamxx to become chad in next birth
>>3709 I can't rope that's the problem. I have to live in my present state for atleast 4 decades and farm enough karma by doing good and being nice to people so that when chitragupta reads my file he immediately sends me to the body of a Hrithik Roshan lookalike
>>3707 Glutathione Eyebrows implants Skincare It all takes money lodu. Most people who look like him can't afford it
>>3711 +expensive clothes
Gluthione injections or skincare to make it smooth and shiny?
bro please tell skin care home remedies and glutathione maxxing elaborate please
>>3714 Shitskin is br00tal
>>3714 >home remedies Kys >glutathione Comes in shots. Ive eard something like 9k-30k depenind on doses and quality. You neeed booster shots after every few months.
>>3716 i heard the effect wears off if i stop takin it
>>3717 Abhi kaha toh. Booster shots lene padte hai
>>3718 Jab mai kamane lagunga mai toh karunga glutathionmaxxing. Brownskin sirf insta ki posts me hi beautiful maante hai. Reality is that more fair you are, more civilized peoples perceive you as in india.
(39.61 KB 750x920 wojak og.jpg)
>>3707 I already have looksmaxxed but don't know how and what to post on my insta page. I posted a story with my face visible a week ago for the first time in 2 decades of my shut-in life and got 2 girls from my class (who have boyfriends mind you) slide in my DMs to compliment my hairstyle.
>>3720 Post some pics yrr.
>>3721 Nah bhai Indiachan is my safe haven, mein iss site mein doxx hone ka koi risk nahi lunga Koi inchad batao nah how to take good pics for insta yaarrr I don't want to post autistic selfies.
>>3722 Chutiyw aaj tak koi doxx hua hai iss bhangi site pe? 4chan nhi yeh. Yeh behnkelode pura address btao tab bhi doxx nhi kar sakte. Tu kuch toh pics dikha. Kahi doxx nhi hone wala. Aur insta ke kiye follow aesthetic accounts and copy.
(577.24 KB 703x375 Screenshot_20230223-155042.png)
>>3723 Mene dikhaya hua hai pehle sir
(87.37 KB 1204x968 captain_kek.jpeg)
>>3724 Are tu. Baal toh acche hai tere lekin behnkelode thodi kangi aur shampoo kiya kar. Bus badha ke chhod diye. Thoda care bhi kar inki.
>>3726 I already am taking good care of it sir after you guys told me, also trimmed my hair and got rid of the split ends. Aaj bhi hair mask lagane wala hun shyaam ko.
>>3724 How many chicks you get irl?
(108.68 KB 864x731 Screenshot_20230123-213207~2.png)
>>3728 >>3729 Ehhh my classes are female dominant so I talk can carry out convos and crack witty jokes pretty decently but other than than I am pretty much a loser.
>>3730 How tf is he followed by lalo
>>3731 >lalo Literally who Niqqer?
(905.84 KB 1080x1878 Screenshot_20230318-141616.png)
>>3732 This guy. You follow him too and you don't know him?
>>3780 It's not the same guy, idiot. This Lalo has an L in his username, that lalo doesn't have a capital L
>>3780 Oh he's got different first letters for Twitter and IG nvm I'm in disbelief
>>3827 >>3828 Are you retarded