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Anon 03/18/2023 (Sat) 06:28:20 ID:56b3b7 No. 3733
ye dandruff ka kya karoon guys ? dandruff hair roots pe chipak jaa rhe hai aur nikal nhi rhe . upay ?
>>3733 Kangi kar. Shampoo kar. Tel laga. Aur kuch nhi. Iss month hi honge dandruff. Next month tak skhatam.
>>3735 konsa tel lagaun , nariyal tel , bajaj almond aur navratn mei se ?
>>3737 nikal ja meri thread se
>>3738 I was just kidding, i love you
>>3733 i used to directly apply lemon and it works 100% worked for me but i hear it's not for everyone. also i'm bald now but that's probably just a coincidence
>>3740 >i'm bald now Lol
>>3733 Try nimboo it works trust me
>>3733 Consult a doctor, if possible a trichologist. You probably have a fungal infection that results in such kind of dandruff. Perhaps you can post some pictures of your scalp, it will help me to know better.
>>3740 how did you go bald and how long did it take ? i also had some thinning last year maybe due to dandruff but its not noticeable
>>3741 kek it's all true man. btw i hear just applying curd works as well.
>>3743 i went to a doctor , he gave me a shampoo which helped to a degree but still there are dandruff left on my hair roots
>>3745 curd doesnt work , i tried
>>3746 You need to go back to that doctor, tell him, and he will probably ask you to continue that shampoo again. See in such cases, you need to continue that shampoo for months, and along with that you need a proper hygiene. Its a long term treatment thing, will take time
>>3747 Don't do dumb shit niiggga, curd, oil, lemon all have enough nutrients to propel the growth of fungus on your scalp. You need anti fungal shampoo.
(146.57 KB 400x338 criee.png)
>>3744 not fully bald but balding. i have a proper ungle haircut now. it's not religiously allowed to shave off head while parents are alive that's why i'm not doing it but it's pretty bad. in this state from last 12 years i guess but last 2 years have been brootal.
>>3750 why dont you try finasteride + minoxidil ? not that expensive
>>3750 Don't worry Pyaare You can Become Andrew Tate
>>3751 i don't want to grow hair at the cost of my manhood :(
>>3743 are you experienced in this ? i can post my scalp but idk if schizos here will doxx me through it
Selsun shampoo, not even kidding it works wonders
>>3754 Don't worry, i will now doxx you, i will masterbate to your photos
>>3750 Dumbass, Just Andrewtatemaxx. Madarchod
(147.56 KB 1366x728 Screenshot 2023-03-18 122114.png)
>>3755 this is the shampoo i use
>>3758 >Hentai Coomed >anti dandruff lotion Who suggested you this lotion ?
>>3758 I had the same problem as you, even fucked up tbh. Applied selsun for a week and haven't had dandruff since
>>3759 doctor its used as a shampoo he gave me vitamin d pills along with it
>>3760 ok i will maybe buy selsun shampoo after i finish the current bottle
>>3733 Mujhe bhi aisi problem thi ,Roz nahaya kar aur tel laga
>>3763 roj nahata hoon mai aur shampoo hafte mei do baar
>>3765 Use COOOM
>>3766 nikal ja yaha se
>>3765 Buy a hairbrush and brush your head. Also antidandruff shampoo.
>>3767 Use Beer shampoo and wear cap when you go outside in Polluted area. Also buy a Separate Comb, don't use the Common house Comb.
>>3754 No but i am a med student tho
>>3768 >antidandruff shampoo Scam Only Beer shampoo works.
>>3765 Yeah, i see it. Its just fungal infection, the fungus is causing this dandruff. Its feeding on the skin of your scalp. Continue ketoconazole shampoo or any other anti fungal shampoo recommended by doctor. Perhaps use anti fungal hair creams and not oil for your head. Oil will actually worsen the infection as it acts as nutrient for fungus to grow
>>3768 already doing both. maybe i should increase the frequency
>>3772 yes i tried coconut oil and curd both of which aggravated the situation and caused itching . sticking to keto shampoo for now
>>3772 how long do you think this will take to go away ?
>>3774 Stop this home remedie shit. Meet a dermatologist. Its not that expensive
>>3774 Again, remember simple concepts, fungus store food in them in form of oils and related compounds, humid, warm and rich of nutrients is ideal for their growth. And you want to avoid that
>>3776 i said here that i have done that >>3761 i did curd and oil before that
>>3775 It usually takes months, probably 5 months 6 months depending on the extentbof infection
Kojic soap.