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weight loss journey ,Igmi Anon 03/18/2023 (Sat) 01:47:47 ID:ae3d71 No. 3803
day 1-81.15 kg day 2- 79.95 kg day 3- 80.00 kg day 4- 80.05 kg
>>3803 nkk
>>3803 You should only worry about your weekly averages going up or down
>>3805 T. Former 100kgs fatfuck
>>3806 How'd you do it?
>>3805 okay
>>3807 by eating less ofc . >no processed food >no sugar >no tea >only homemade mom ka khana
>>3807 >Diet was practically the same everyday, chicken plus 2 rotis and protein twice a day (if you don't have the money for protein then skip it) >Bought a stationary bike at home, did it for about an hour a day, then reduced it to half an hour w day later on >Walked a lot. Started with 5k steps a day and slowly increased all the way to 20k steps a day. Now it's a habit of mine, I used to be able to barely walk back when I was obese, now I can walk through the entirety of my city in 2 sittings >I did gym for 4 months in the middle where you can see my weight lose stagnating, that's because I started gaining muscle. After some contemplation I realised I will skip the gym for now because it becoming too hard to keep up with the rest of my schedule which was more focused on weightloss. Gym is not mandatory for weight loss
>>3810 Pulses and dal will work for protein? I'm trying to lose weight currently too Getting calisthenics, running done everyday. Have cut out everything else And thanks
>>3811 >Pulses and dal for protein They are not great but will do for the weight loss phasez ultimately what matters is that you stay in a caloric deficit over a long period of time. Vegetarian sources of protein are mostly not great, try to get a casein protein to drink before sleeping to supplement yourself, that's all you'll need >Getting calisthenics, running done everyday If you find these activities fun, go for them. Ir you ever feel like you're getting burned out, transition to slightly easier habits like walking which are equally as effective. Best of luck!
>>3812 Will get the protein to drink before bed. Yes those are immensely fun for me. How long did it take you to get to your goal weight ? And thanks man, good luck to you too with your future goals.
>>3812 Tofu I'm skeptical about because it's made of soy kek. Paneer is on the table too.
>>3813 I had to lose about 40 kgs which in total took about 11 months, now keep in mind I didn't know what I was doing for parts of the journey and I had my midterms sem exam in August which slowed down my progress. In general, if you keep a good rate of progress then 1 kg a week/4kgs a month is a good target
>>3815 damn why you were a fatfuck ? you must have been from a rich family that's why ,I just need to lose 5kg more because I eat a lot of goyslop in past few months
>>3815 >I had to lose about 40 kgs which in total took about 11 months W saar. Nice. Interesting. I have also started IF and i know people dunk on this but has started working for me. Did you do anything like this too?
>>3816 Same, just 5 kgs less. Even 0.5 kg /week will be a big achievement. How to keep track of calories?
>>3817 I did do it for a while and here's what I got: IF works not because fasting actually increases your metabolism like they claim it does (there's actually 0 evidence that is speeds up weight loss), the only thing it does is that it reduces the overall amount people eat in a day in small meals, leading to them eating less overall. So it has no intrinsic benefit, just helps you stay in check if you eat a lot throughout the day. Do it if it fits your schedule, otherwise skip it
>>3819 Noted. Many thanks!
>>3818 Firstly, eat the same/similar foods for the duration of the weight loss, this will make calorie counting easier. Secondly, download Myftinesspal/any other calorie tracking app and track your calories for just one week, nothing more. Once you get a vague idea of your diet and the caloric makeup of your food you can memorize it and eat accordingly, and you won't have to count calories anymore. If you're a richfag then you can buy a weight scale for measuring proportions TLDR; eat the same thing and track it for one week then eat based off of your intuition.
>>3819 I walk around 4k steps daily and do 30 min cycling everyday but I see no change. I have started doing squats and push-ups now, I'm yet to see any change but I feel it's more effective
>>3822 How many days have you done it for? And you will see 0 change if you don't simultaneously control your diet, which I assume is what is happening. Track your calories for a week
>>3823 Ok, will see
>>3824 abe mix aerobic exercise with anaerobic exercise,like after cycling for 30 minutes ,do skipping for next 30 minutes
As a retired fatfuck here my tips- >Diet is the only thing that make a difference, you're fat so try to check what content is in your food, avoid fat and carb and take more proteins >Eat less, no fastfood, change regular pajeet food because so much fat in it, only eat 2 or 3 times only and dont munch snacks all day, you can also do fasting 1-2 day per week where you eat only 1 time and only fruits. >Avoid sugar no remove sugar at all because it's worst for fat also sugar makes you hunger more >Do 1 hour workout at least Also you will not see daily changes, check your weight weekly so you don't demotivate yourself