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indore Anon 03/17/2023 (Fri) 09:30:15 ID:8c4675 No. 3833
Yaaro I don't care how big of an incel you are. You can always score a 1/10 goblinjeeta and 1) Manipulate her, Gaslight her, fuck her mental health up or if you score an insecure bitch then you can trick her into getting addicted to you. Getting a girl addicted to me was the biggest power trip I ever felt. It's like cocaine, whenever she begs you for love or sex you feel the biggest egotrip and euphoria ever. 2) Fuck her. If her pussy is ugly then fuck her ass after douching. 3) Create fantasies in your head and use her to satisfy them. 4) Get experience because however ugly, she's still by nature a female. Use her for 3 months and you'll get confident around women and then can score a 3/10 then 4/10 then 5/10 gradually . And after 2 years or so, you might score a Stacy cos you're experienced at this shit now. 5)Buy nicotine liquid 5% off Amazon and spray it on your condom before sex, she'll literally get addicted to your dick and beg you to fuck her every 36hours. 6)Friendzone her and use her to score her hotter friends. 7)Or you can genuinely love her like in bollywood movies. Life is so much fun yaaro, there's so so much you can do in your life. What are your opinions on this pyaaro?
>>3833 tu khud uss din kehra tha ki kabhi jhaatu ladkia ko bhaav bhi nahi dega tere standards high hai entrepreneur hai vagera vagera phir tu aaj 1/10 goblinjeeta chodne ki baat kyun karra?
>>3833 This works only for who are not truecels. Those who are chads or normiejeets larping as incels. Truecels don't stand a change without getting falsely accused
>>3833 >6)Friendzone her and use her to score her hotter friends. haan toh goblinjeeta ko fren bana chod matt uske hot frens chod
Mujhe toh lag rha hai mein 1/10 bhi nahi pata sakta
>>3837 ye toh literally mai hun kek
>>3834 True and based that you still remember. Remember anon, we are on the same forum but we are not the same people. I am using this post to get opinions from incels, doesn't mean I am an incel myselves. I would never fuck a goblin but won't refrain if I can fuck a 6/10 pajeetas mental health up and egotrip on that, ofcourse when I get more time on my hands.
>>3837 Bullshit. Anyone who speaks English can bag a 1/10 anytime he wants. Just go out and find the ugliest girl who's above 20 and stare at her boobs and shit like that and once she gets the idea, ask her for her phone number or ig and start doing the points that I just mentioned ITT.
>>3835 I don't believe you. A 3/10 incel can score a 1/10 jeeta if you know how to talk like a normal person.
>>3841 >how to talk like a normal person It never began for me
(10.69 KB 202x250 images (2).jpeg)
(12.21 KB 183x275 images (3).jpeg)
(5.70 KB 178x283 images.jpeg)
>>3835 >>3838 Arey chamar tu in picrel ladkiyo ko asani se pta sakta hai, itna larp mat kra kr.
>>3842 koi nahi tu toh abhi drop karra kalej jaa sikh jaega
>>3838 >>3842 Ek aur baar esa chutiya larp kra kisine toh Jaggu bandar ke sariye ke saath pura ka pura bandar bhi tumhari gaand mai daal dunga. Everyone knows how to talk hi hello and cringe pajeet shit like that, it's not tough to day I love you yaar, you are so beautiful etc etc
>>3845 indore anon the confidence enforcer and randirakshako ki gaand mein visfoter dhanyavaad pyaare
>>3845 Nahi yaara i haven't stepped out since covid
>>3846 I can fuck 3 different goblinjeetas every 6 months but I can't cos love jihaad ke case mai andar kar denge mjhe, Indore mai Right Wing ne ouri ma chod rkhi hai city ki.
>>3847 Toh abhi baat kese kr rha hai? Bas yaara aur darling vagerah bolna nahi aata kya teko on text? Same chiz goblins ke saath bhi karni hai, and most goblins are already submissive from all the patriarchy and misogyny from decades even more easier.
>>3849 Ok yaar I will try when I enter kalej this year
>>3849 >>3848 how do you interact with them do you make jokes or act cold or act romantic ? Also how do you actually chose the girl? Like are they from your college or building or do you randomly approach girls on streets ?
>>3833 And then an incel has the audacity to ask why even an average pajeeta doesn't give him bhau? absolute state.
>>3834 Chamar ki aulaad se opinion nhi lete
>>3851 Asking me personally? I don't even turn back to look if a pajeeta walks naked down the street. If you're asking generally, then approach girls who are either . 1)Near your neighborhood. 2)From the same kalej 3)Have mutual friends 4)Know who she is and find her ig and approach 5)You were from the same school 6) Basically if you have anything in common like place, school, kalej etc >How to act around them? 1)Always remember to act sweet in person for the first 2-3 months and when you reach the stage of intercourse, start randomly ghosting her, be cold to her texts but NEVER act cold or hard in person. 2)Make her insecure, look at other girls tits when she's around you. 3) Don't ever bring up the topic of marriage and if she ever asks say something cliche like "Pehle ham ek dusre ko samajh toh le, 2-3 saal toh atleast ho jae apne relationship ko etc etc" 4) Fuck her every single night and day, remember she's your only option so don't hurt her physically or mentally IN PERSON. But always be manipulative and seducive on text. 5) Ask her to send nudes and upload them to your Google drive as a proof that you're worth it, you have value and that girls do like you.(Btw I even have a nudes and masturbation collection of girls I've dated in my younger days) 6) Don't let the relationship get so serious and shit, be nice but don't start conversations from your side and shit like that ykow. It's so easy pyaare, pajeetas are low IQ, they wouldn't even understand what's happening for the first 3 years and the next thing they know you're dating someone else after using her for good 2-3 years kek
>>3854 Also keep subtly reminding her that she's ugly and worth nothing and you're doing a favor dating her in the first place
>>3852 What do you mean pyaare? I'm only trying to help them . >>3853 What I'm saying is absolutely from experience, and I've seen my friends do this shit for years and I also have some personal experience . I don't know how you doubt something as basic as this
>>3833 >>3834 >>3835 Ye sab tum kar rahe ho thik hai koi problem nahi. But bas dhyan rakhna ki sachme dil na kho baithna ugly pajeeta pe. Mai 5 saal pehle breakup karke bhaag aya Canada, escaped from my uglyjeeta gf, then I felt lonely so restarted a long distance relship once more with same girl 2 yrs ago, fir desperate ho gya, baat shaadi par aa gayi, wo sar pe chadh ke baith gayi "tu apne parents ko chhodke mere pass aja", "buy a car", etc etc bakchodi. Leave then never get back.
>>3856 You may not know but girls browse this site.Even one of my friends know about this site.Clearly majority of the girls who browse this site are not some husn pari.They tell their friends how boys views them generalizing a post on an incel website and kinda remains cutoff from their male classmates.and then incels have the audacity to ask why am average gril has so much attitude.
Obviously I am sharing this post on WhatsApp group.take care incels😘
>>3833 >5)Buy nicotine liquid 5% off Amazon and spray it on your condom before sex, she'll literally get addicted to your dick and beg you to fuck her every 36hours. Is this real? >>3835 True
>>3842 lol same
>>3858 Teri English dekh ke epilepsy ka attack aa gya tha . Kitni girls tak faila dega tu ye hijde? 100-200? 1000? India mai 400million girls hai under 30, maa chod dunga unme se kisi ki bhi . Aur ye sab gyan low caste chamars ko pelna, agr tu bhi mere shikanje mai baar agya toh laude teko esa suifuel dunga ki bas fir. Teri mental health Christian Bale jaisi kr dunga from The Machinist kek. I was born to do this, only reason I'm on indiachan is to preach this ideology of mine and get guys do this to as much hoes they can.
(8.97 KB 234x215 images (5).jpeg)
(8.14 KB 195x259 images (4).jpeg)
(8.14 KB 195x259 images (4).jpeg)
>>3862 It is real, read whitoids experiences of doing this to their gfs on plebbit. Pussy absorbs nicotine faster than the stomach does, nicotine starts acting in as soon as 100 seconds. So as soon as you start thrusting in her, she'll associate the euphoria of nicotine to that of your dick thrusting pussy. Ez shit. >>3863 Same shit again.just find a ugly randi in your city and start doing this, you'll learn one day that all of this works and is coming from pure experience.
(4.90 MB 364x640 walk-andrew-tate-walk.gif)
>>3858 Lol , Foids have time to Read all these Huge paragraphs? Go to Kitchen
>>3867 Based refugee
>>3833 >Buy nicotine liquid 5% off Amazon Not on Amazon.in
>>3833 All this sounds absolutely disgusting and against Indian culture, kys
(51.30 KB 389x593 Rashi-Khanna-Photos-9.jpg)
(313.02 KB 949x1352 img.png)
PUA and manosphere braindamage. These "steps" come naturally for abusive men. You can't force yourself to become a psychopath. You need to have impaired emotional empathy to perform these sadistic actions on other human beings, and no matter how much abuse someone goes through, they would finally call it quits by roping or finding a way to escape because putting up with bullshit won't last forever.
>>3869 You can buy it from any lundian site which sells vape. >>3870 Cultures change with time. It's only fair enough if Men start living according to the standards that females created for them. >>3871 All that theory for nothing. Just look at a random home In India it's 60% chances that people who live their has atleast known people like this. Indian culture is different from western liberal cultures. You don't need to go absolutely monster on 1/10 women but low-key acting like how I said isn't immoral at all. There is nothing wrong going on dating a 1/10 goblin and telling her how ugly she is and having sex with her every night. It's normal, your idealism doesn't work in India.
>>3866 Nibba, you said a 3/10 can still score a 1/10 girl If he knows how to talk like a normal person What If I tell you that I'm a 1/10 and can't talk like a normal person (aka sperg aka autist)? It's just game over from the start Also a 1/10 girl is as rare as a 10/10 girl
>>3833 Based yaar
>>3873 And If we're using subjective/personal lens, then the 1/10 girl has to be the most ugliest girl you could think of that you won't even want anything to do with her, while a 10/10 girl can be a girl that no one else thinks very highly but you think she's perfect
(5.31 KB 225x225 images (6).jpeg)
>>3873 Your case is rare but it's not over for you. I don't care how ugly you look, there's always a pajeeta you can trick into dating you. You can always find a girl like picrel and start practicing on her what I elaborated ITT. I don't believe someone however ugly saying he can't date a pajeeta like her. All you need is to talk to her and her her ig or sum, and then flirt with her on text .
(9.71 KB 300x168 download.jpeg)
>>3876 Yes obvs. If picrel can score a hoe, you can too. Just be smart . I have seen ugliest of ugliest manlets dating a gf in villages and low tier cities It's not over for anyone as long as they are Indian, and follow this thread.
>>3875 This subjective shit is theory, I've done practical on this particular topic. Don't come at me with your 80 iq claiming irrelevant shit like that. This thread is not for finding the love of your life or a soulmate, only gay faggots have soulmates (kek). Real men fuck as many girls as they can just like the earliest primates.
>>3880 5/10
>>3833 fucking a ugly jeeta is the worst sin you can do ,bc khud ki to respect kro pyare pajeet ,I will not stick my dick in anything below 6 ever
>>3872 How do I face soyciety dating a 1/10 or 2/10? In my gym, there are a couple of whales and flatchests who have given me all the cues that they're interested. One even started a convo by herself. But I'm worried that the gymbros I talk to and other gymcels will make fun of me which will make me even more beta than i already am
(11.64 KB 201x251 images (9).jpeg)
(9.52 KB 225x225 download (1).jpeg)
(37.00 KB 495x619 images (8).jpeg)
>>3882 This is what's 5/10 pajeeta is acc to pajeet standards.
>>3883 That's your opinion, your life your rules. I'm not saying you have to fuck 1/10 goblins all your life but to get to that Stacy stage you'd have to clear checkpoints coming from 1/10 to 2/10 to 8/10 etc and this will take 3-4 years if you're a 5/10 pajeet.
>>3884 Which means you're more than a 3/10 pajeet. You're atleast 6/10 since you go to the gym and females have been interested in you. I would say date a randi that lives far away from your gym and home so friends don't get to know or don't bother you even if they get to know. Start with being manipulative once you score a 5/10 pajeeta like in above picrel. Then slowly satisfy every urge that you have from even the corners of your heart so that you stop thinking of females as special beings and start embracing reality. Fuck her as much as you want in those 6 months, focus on gym and then break with all the ABOVE methods I listed ITT. Then repeat until you actually fall in love or find peace. That's it anon.
>>3886 Do you mean the red suit randi? Well if you look vlose enough she has fat fingers and has belly fat. She's already insecure about her looks. She has no chin, she has a big nose. That's enough to make her a 5/10 and no more than that.
>>3858 An average girl has attitude because youre such nasty beings.
>>3891 Chamar I posted low quality image, u found out a high quality image of her but that's not what I meant when I showed picrel. Picrel only means which you you can see on this site kek. Ese toh bimaru faggots bhi mog krte hain
>>3891 >3 acp paadoman tabs Kek get a life retard
>>3894 I think the first girl is better because she has big booba and her pussy will match to that of a whitoids pink choot.
(14.95 KB 764x80 lel.png)
>>3891 loled
>>3896 Top kek
(51.41 KB 477x643 1666250248304.jpg)
>>3888 >You're atleast 6/10 2 broke and 2 short to be a 6/10. Plus only 2nd base experienced (kissless) >date a randi Randis are usually gold diggers. So avoiding
>>3833 >trick her into getting addicted to you how do I do that
>>3900 >>3900 Randi ke pille pura thread padega tb pta chalega na kese. For starters, get a gf and buy nicotine gel or liquid 5% off an online site. Spray that liquid 3-4 times which is 10mg of nicotine every time you're about to pound that smelly pussy. That's it, she'd get addicted to nicotine and think she's addicted to your dick instead. She'd experience withdrawals every 36 hours and nicotine withdrawals are literal hell. She'd beg for that dick(speaking from experience)
>>3899 20-22% Coomed
>>3901 Moar gyaan pleej, dear House
>>3903 What kind of gyan do you want pyaare?,
she can just satisfy her nicotine urges elsewhere why will she crave your dick it's an easily obtainable drug why not just give her heroine they do this stuff to bachhabazi victims since they have to money they kinda become like slaves
(8.97 KB 234x215 images (5).jpeg)
>>3905 Who'd tell her ? You have to do it secretly chutiye. Don't tell her you're using nicotine on her haha faggoht. She's a low IQ pajeeta, do you expect her to know what nicotine and shit is? She'd never reason her way into drugs, she has no experience chutiye. She'd never know what she's experiencing is drug withdrawal, she'd always associate it with sex. Heroine is hard to obtain and you want to fuck her while still alive, low IQ chamars wouldn't know how to use heroine. As much as 5mg of heroine is lethal to females. Kek
>>3905 Also 10mg nicotine is no joke, you'd have to chew hundreds of grams of tobbaco to get 10mg of nicotine in blood chutiye
>>3901 >How to get her with no bucks? Assume she is broke too >Advice on dating married milfs >dating unmarried 35+ >How to hide that you're a virgin Lots of hoes are turned off by this >How to get number from a gym girl After how many days of small talks is it okay
>>3908 was meant for >>3904
>>3906 theres nicotine in tea >>3907 have fun with eventual date rape allegations
>>3910 Micrograms aur milligrams, liquid absorption vs solid bio-absorption mai fark Sikh ja randi ke pille >>3910 She'd be conscious but a little high, and sex is happening with consent in the first place. Larp Krna Sikh ja aur lund hila le heendu 😂
>>3912 Doxx krega kya heendu?
>>3911 no drug will fix your mutilated dick mleccha
>>3914 That way it's better and I prefer it. I don't care lel. Also there are drugs that can grow foreskin back, there are several methods to do that. Anpadh chud sanghi, lund hila le heendu😂😂
>>3915 Reply >>3908
>>3916 Kal karunga yaar, screenshot lele aur kl kisi thread mai dikhu toh post krdena
(9.79 KB 179x170 1568293724401.jpg)
>>3915 kek he's actually looked into it life is suffering with a mutilated penis isn't it katue
>>3918 It's common knowledge sanghi, lund hila le heendu😂😂🐵. Women prefer cut lund over uncut, men are likely to last longer when cut. Etc etc. It doesn't matter anyways. Imagine discussing why uncut lund is better on random forum at 11pm
>>3833 >Create fantasies in your head and use her to satisfy them. Chamar ,come andrew tate dekh. >create fantasies Avg muslim schizo,your kind is very gpod in doing that
>>3919 where did you hear that made up kike facts 101? i don't blame you for coping after all you need something for when the drugs wear off
>>3920 Aha pajaat saab, the famous anti-muslim. Par saab I'm not muslim saar >>3920 Also nitpick on 1 point out of 15 ITT and use it to prove your supremacy. Good saar
>>3921 It doesn't matter, worry about your own life for now. I'm not addicted to drugs, I only use them recreationally.
>>3920 tera toh baap hi muslim tha na
>>3924 >chakka ka pilla still coping Bohut fumny hai to ,ab apni maa ko randikhane se le jaa
>>3858 Feels like you're that girl
(312.19 KB 545x680 image_2023-03-18_034304067.png)
>>3885 Wanna see a 9/10 According to pajeet standard
>>3833 Hard to accept your trick gonna work
>>3919 Only Kikes would do that.
>>3908 >>3908 Yaar pehli baat toh ghonchu jaise sawaal puchta hai. >How to get her with no bucks? Well ask your parents for a small amount of money daily and say the same to her, start collecting and use only when it's extremely necessary. Don't go on coffee dates, go to paani puri wala etc cringe shit. >Married milfs They like alpha men who are big and tall, or rich. Don't try on them if you are neither. Also not every milf is a randi, they'll file case against you if you don't do your homework properly. >Unmarried 35+ Unmarried 35+ are rare to find, also they aren't easy to score as a small guy. They have shit ideologies in their head and unncessary attitude which is why they're still unmarried. >Hide virginity. Read books on sex and practical sex knowledge. Don't tell anyone that you're virgin. Create fake stories and lie to her that you had a gf etc etc but broke up because she transferred different town etc etc Be a fuckboi, don't be too nice. Also it depends where you should be a nice guy and where you should be a fuckboi, it comes with experience so I can't tell on text. >Gym girl. Make sure you're in her league. Keep doing small talks for a month or so. Ask her to exercise with you and come at your time. Do Push-Pull-Legs and make her do some compound movements so she knows who's the man. Make her do heavy squats. Ask her what her diet is, if she can teach you how to cook bulking recipes and shit.
how are you even getting girls if you're muslim?? atleast in my area pajeetas will run and shit if she knows. Mulla-mulli apne me hi lage rahte , intermixing is very rare.
>>3833 >>3933 What would you rate the pinky picrel raand "according to your standards" pyare anon?
>>3934 I live in a city pyaare. Not in a gaon. There's nothing such as that in top cities
>>3933 But this particular milf tries too hard to get my attention. But you're correct i guess. She just wants attention not my D. >Create fake stories and lie to her that you had a gf etc etc Makes sense. Thanks player. Wish you weren't in a desert cult. >make her do some compound movements Elaborate, gymbro. I'm very new to gymming
>>3936 im also in one of the big cities but ig its just my area then.. yaha to the love jihad scare is on max meri 1 saal pahle muslim gf thi saala clg se death threats milne lage the