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Anon 03/18/2023 (Sat) 12:06:59 ID:3dea03 No. 3974
I want to go to gym but can’t because of my social anxiety and I think my parents will also not allow me to spend 2k-3k monthly. What do?
Randi don't go to 2k gym simple, even decent gym cost max 1k tak
I asked my baap for gym, he instead bought a 9k cycle for me. I hate him
>>3974 always consider gym as investment. and don't think of gym only in terms of how swole you become, that's the least useful aspect of it. maybe do it when you start earning. that's the way to look at it.
(31.42 KB 678x452 Fnw9f3xagAAKEf4.jpg)
>>3974 Go to youtube, search home workout. You're welcome
Also will I get a personal trainer there? I don’t know anything about terms like bench press, reps, etc. only heard them from frens.
>>3978 Ghar mein space nhi hai
>>3974 Gym is retarded. Just go on a 3 miles run. Thats all you need.
>>3979 Lurk on reddit subs like r/fitness Also there's an indian sub r/fitness_india
>>3979 Pt is for bhangi richfag chytiye
>>3979 I used to go to a decent gym coat 2k but we were 3 guys so only charge 1k, the gym have 3 owners and they act like pt for free. Just ask the owner what should i do he will tell you
>>3980 Space hoti nahi hai, banani padti hai
>>3974 Kuch nhi hoga. Bs apne ghar walo ko mana le. 1st day sharam aaegi bus. >t.ex gymcel who had social anxiety.
>>3985 Why to go to gym? Health can be simply achieved by good diet and jogging. Why would a sane person subject his body to unnecessary stress.
>>3988 Because I want to be muscular and not some skinny fag
>>3976 GIGACHAD move
>>3989 I dont go to the gym. I just run and eat non veg daily and have enough muscle mass without any weightlifting.
>>3991 Good genes. Not everyone has it.
>>3980 Ghar ke pass me park nhi hai kya. BMC kitni bhi harami organisation ho park ache banaye hai bhadwo ne aur woh bhi achi khaasi quantity me
>>3992 Bhai picrel ka source dede
>>3991 same here but i dont eat non veg . i just do push ups and squats daily and go for walks sometimes
I want my hands to look like this. And I think for that I have to lift weights.
>>3995 State? Caste? Generally people with higher steppe ancestry naturally have greater muscle mass without gym.
>>3996 Currently I’m like this
>>3996 Unncessary physical stress. Thats not the natural form of humans. You will only shorten your lifespan, damge your bones and joints.
>>3999 Ok. Tell me how to become naturally strong then without eating non veg
>>4000 Tu log itne chutiya kyu ho? Kya dikkat hoti hai non veg me?
>>4000 >naturally strong. >without eating non veg. You cant be natuarally strong if you follow an unnatural diet (vegetarianism). Those swollen biceps in the pic are just a male beauty standard created by the media. Even the men in remote hunter tribes of Africa dont have such muscles.
>>4001 Parents won’t allow. Although if it is necessary I can eat without letting them know.
(92.49 KB 720x1280 IMG_20230318_182744_378.jpg)
>>3998 I will become gymcell in fewdays :)
>>4003 Eat yrr. Is vegcucling ki wajah se indians itne short hai.
>>4005 What should I start with?
>>4006 Eggs, try eating omelette first. Boiled eggs are too eggy for a newbie. Then boiled eggwhites, try exotic chicken dishes at first to get taste of non veg. Most probable you wil spew it out on 1st try but try. Listen you need like 120gm of protein as a gym newbie. Assuming you can mange 50-60 from your veg diet, you would need to drink 2 litres milk for other 60gm protein. And milk takes lot of time to digest. You would need like 10 eggs for 60gm protein. But only 250 gm of chicken breast. Chicken is the best source of protein. Chicken is actually cheaper here. Of course, you dont have to eat that much as a newbie, so start with eggs. After 1-2 month get chicken in your diet.
(19.60 KB 800x800 pepe_disgust.jpeg)
>>4007 >eating chicken period
>>4008 Post your body.
>>4009 i am making a different point, my body has nothing to do with it. and circle is a shape.
>>4007 >And milk takes lot of time to digest. Not for me. I have high steppe ancestry.
>>4010 It has. Lets see what a "superior" vegcuck body looks like.
>>4011 Good for you but still, can you drink 2-3 litres of milk everyday? How are going to eat 4-5 meals with that? You'll be blosted all the time.
>>4007 I will start with omelette on Monday
>>3974 Madarchod stop being a pussy work out at home like I do
do home workout and eat meat,eggs,raw milk (if ur parents dont give money for nutrition zaleel krdo unko baap ko bol paisa nahi tha toh paida kyu kiya dalle pajeet cant feed his child lmao)
>>4012 i will in 3-6 months babe :*
(78.83 KB 1200x675 gta_sa_gym_stamina_01.jpg)
>>4016 no they never deny money for stoodies and food, although for non veg i cant tell them obviously and will have to arrange some money.
No fitness happens India
>>4002 >>3999 >>3997 >>3991 >>3988 Kitna cope karega bsdk? Apni bdoy ka pic post karo zara.
Work in labour job. You get paid for hardwork that uses your muscles instead of paying a gym to exercise your muscles.