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6' Akhada Pehlwan 05/11/2022 (Wed) 16:29:13 ID:55b7af No. 416
Anons take the Akhada pill and start train in Akhada's instead of gyms. You might not get the physique of a body builder but you will develop pure raw Desi strength. Experience it and see for yourselves . I used to train in a gym and got average results. After I started training in Akhada's I actually put on muscle mass but also a bit of belly fat. I'll have to do endurance exercises to lose that tho.
Mere aspas akhada nhi Ghar me pehalwan kaise banu kek
>>416 Kaha rehte ho?
>>416 this, wrestling is based
>>417 Surya namaskar pill. Start with 12 and then keep increasing afterward.
>>530 Wrestling and any form of martial arts/combat sports is extremely based. Especially MMA and boxing. It makes you way tougher than being a gym bro cuz they require so much more mental resilience
>>416 Gatka enthusiast reporting
>>561 Based Gatka chad