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Anon 05/21/2022 (Sat) 05:14:20 ID:563ba4 No. 489
Is this considered skinny fat or fat? What can I do to imroooooove? >age = 18 >hight = 6'1 >Wieght = 74kg >Diet = 3 parathas with tons of butter in breakfast, 3-4 rotis with sabji/daal with meethi lassi, 2 times milk, snacks in afternoon and 2-3 rotis in dinner or whatever mum makes. I am a couch potato and have never worked out a day in life. I wanna start by home workout without buying any equipment, also tell me what should I change with my diet.
>>489 Bhai meri baat sun. >decrease the amount of rotis and parathas you have by 2-3 in total. >omit all snacks, only eat 3 meals >increase dal and sabzi intake by 2x >remove all sugary stuff from your diet >walk for 45mins-1hr every single fucking morning fasted
>>489 >>491 >increase water intake. Just drink water whenever you feel hungry during the transitory periods Do this until all that fat goes away. Will probably take you around 9 months. You can do calisthenics or resistance band workout home but honestly don't expect much muscle growth, it'll be helpful for burning calories though. After you've become skinny, probably around 60kgs I think, join a gym ASAP. >t.used to look like you an year back
>>489 How the fuck are you gaining weight on 2-3 rotis? I have to eat 4 paranthas and 5 rotis with similar diet like yours to maintain 68KG weight or else I start losing weight. I don't even exercise. I just sit and sleep.
>>493 >>489 Wait till you fags hit 25 kek
>>494 tab kya hoga?
>>491 Sorry anon but I can't reduce my diet, I'd die of hunger otherwise. But i will try to increase my daal/sabzi consumption and quit out article sugar.
>>493 Everyones metabolism is different anon, yours must be faster. Also, I'm haryanavi so the rotis I eat are quite thick and big.
>>492 >9 months That's too long. Tell me a quicker way. I think daily home workout would help a lot in shedding fat. I don't want to be skinny just wanna replace that cellulite fat with muscles.
>>498 1) Cellulite is permanent. 2) 3x a week full body calisthenics workout. Buy a door frame pullup bar. 3) Get a skipping rope and do it on non workout days. 4) eat more fibre so you stay fuller for longer.
>>496 >I'll die of hunger No you won't you gluttonous pig. >>498 >9 months too long Did it take you 9 months to look like this? No right? Then how the fuck do you expect yourself to look like fucking Cbum or whatever in just 3 months, you fucking retard? Curb your expectations. Gaining muscle naturally is a long ass process....... >I don't want to be skinny Then you'll have to join a gym. Home workouts are a giant fucking meme.
Hight kaise badi ?