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(127.24 KB 500x506 1653383343263.png)
loose skin Anon 05/24/2022 (Tue) 09:12:28 ID:219ecd No. 519
I fell for the fasting meme now i have loose skin all over my stomach. It's over for me bros . Go with me
Without me*
>>519 Kekekekekkek. Should have thought about body recomposition before. Strength training, surgery, skincare products, proper vitamin supplemation and enough protein are the only ways.
My Stomach looks very similar to this guy's. Will putting on muscle help? https://www.reddit.com/r/loseit/comments/eknm3l/19m_255164_worried_about_loose_skin_on_my_chest/
And I'm a Bengali if that matters
>>523 The comments there have same recommendations as mine. Strength training and skincare products. Vitamin C supplement will help with collagen production and protein supplement will help with building muscles, unless you already are able to fulfill daily protein goals with diet alone.
(289.29 KB 1080x2069 IMG_20220524_215029.jpg)
And I'm confused too with how much is it really extra skin with fat , and how to measure body fat with the extra skin
Do i need to loose more weight? My starting weight was 105.4 kgs
>>526 >89cm brah you still fat. Come down to 75cms first.
>>528 I took the waist measurement from navel point not the narrow area. See the link https://www.calculator.net/body-fat-calculator.html
>>526 You can get the approx. bf% like you've from online calculators. But if you want accurate result, buy bf caliper or get hands on one. >>527 Nice brah! If you really did loose this much because of fasting, I would be more worried about your fucked up metabolism. Be wary of binge eating, you'll gain all of the weight back and even extra. Since you've to lose under 10 kg for your ideal body weight, find out your tdee and do a 500 calorie deficit while lifting weights.
>>531 Yeah! binge eating is one of my core problems and main cause of all this weight , I'm working on it. I have maintained my weight for than a year now. I have lost strength too , i struggle to do15+ pushups in one set.
>>531 Jump on cutting direct?
Eat run do pushups lift weights
(17.16 KB 506x606 images.jpg)
Years of gluttony and sloth
>>529 >>529 Still, you're fat. You must be at 30 inch waist MAX, most likely around 28 while being lean. You're currently at 35.
>>536 You should be at*
>>533 You still plan to lose weight, so yes. I'm not sure actually. Since you've been fasting, maybe just eating maintenance calories would be good for few months so you don't feel like shit when lifting and have some energy. And based on the results, you can either cut to get ideal body weight and then start bulking or increase your physical activity while eating maintenance calories. Still, I'm not sure about transitioning from fasting to CICO, even though they do the same thing, and lifting weights too. Post calories you ate while fasting and was it something like IF? >>536 Chup chamar! 21% bf falls under avg. Calculate your bf% too from some site and post it.
>>539 It was mix of alternate day water fasting and IF with light cardio/bodyweight exercises.
(1.34 MB 2612x3248 1653475669183.jpg)
Condition of my stomach. Argggg im gonna kms
(99.00 KB 800x1080 body-fat-percentage-men.jpg)
>>540 >>541 FAT DISGUSTING FUCK. You're not 21%, more like 26-27%, picrel. That navy seal calculator severely underestimates everyone's bf. Mine says that I am 9.5% but I am actually around 15 rn. Go down to 60kgs if you really want to get rid of all that fat.
>>542 >>541 ALWAYS REMEMBER. IF YOU DON'T HAVE VISIBLE ABS, YOU ARE FAT. You claim to hate the way you look but when I honestly said the truth that you're still a fat fuck, you're getting pissed. jeez.
>>542 Yeah looks like it. i have only fat in my lower back and stomach now rest of the body is skele-mode. Will do the needful now
>>542 >>543 But I'm sure ill have some loose skin , look at the belly button area and lower area totally droopy and melted
>>546 First lose all the fat. After that think of surgery if required.
>>531 >>534 >>536 >>539 >>542 >>547 Thanks everyone ! I'll post again after hitting 60kgs
>>548 I researched a bit, yaara. After fasting for long periods of time, your metabolism slows down. Now, slow metabolism isn't what you you're thinking. It's just that your metabolism has adapted to function at low calories and your tdee has fluctuated too, i.e., you got slim (adaptive thermogenesis) So don't freak out when you eat your old maintainance calories and your weight goes up. You'll gain weight as your metabolism adapts again. Don't go back to eating lower calories and then jumping back to high calories, that's the recipe for binge eating and getting fat again.
>>548 Also, as I said before, cut until your reach desired bodyweight or body fat percentage while lifting weights and then bulk.
>>519 Bump